Leprechaun 3

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Leprechaun 3 (also known as Leprechaun 3: In Vegas) is a 1995 American horror comedy slasher film. It is the third, and first direct-to-video installment, in the Leprechaun series. The film follows a psychotic leprechaun, who begins a killing spree in Las Vegas.

Leprechaun 3 became the highest-grossing direct-to-video film of 1995.

The film was followed by Leprechaun 4: In Space (1997).


The film begins with the Leprechaun, having been changed into a statue by a magical medallion, being sold to a Las Vegas pawn shop. Assuming his original form when the clerk removes the medallion, the Leprechaun kills him and goes on a rampage through a Las Vegas casino in search of one of his wish granting coins, which is passed from hand to hand.

The Leprechaun is ultimately defeated by college student Scott McCoy and Scott's new girlfriend Tammy Larsen, who blast his gold with a flame-thrower, causing it to vanish and the Leprechaun to burst into flames.

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