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Larry Cotton is the father of Kirsty Cotton who appears only in Hellraiser and is portrayed by Andrew Robinson. Larry was originally the husband of Kirsty's mother, who had died, and married to Julia Cotton. He was most caring about his daughter Kirsty. He had a tough life and all he was trying to do is keep his family together. Larry hates watching himself bleed and when he cut his hand by a nail on the wall by trying to push a mattress up the stairs, he thought he was going to faint or throw up. His blood revived his deceased brother, Frank Cotton, whom Julia had an affair with and secretly began luring men to the house while Larry was at work to get Frank more blood to help him regenerate. Larry is later murdered by Julia and Frank, the latter using his brother's skin as a disguise.

Although unseen, Larry is mentioned in Hellbound: Hellraiser II when Frank, pretending to be Larry once more, appears as a vision to Kirsty saying that he is trapped in hell. Later, Pinhead informs Kirsty, who had come to hell to save her father, that Larry is "in his own personal hell and quite unreachable". Larry is again mentioned during an extended scene in Hellraiser: Hellseeker where Kirsty confronts Pinhead who says that Frank, Julia, and Larry are all waiting for her in Hell. Larry is never mentioned again after this.

Andrew Robinson was going to reprise his role as Larry Cotton in Hellbound: Hellraiser II, but according to the Hellraiser 20th Anniversary Edition he said that "they didn't want to pay me as they did for Hellraiser, so I said forget it. And that was that".

In The Hellbound Heart, Larry's name was Rory and he is simply a friend of Kirsty rather than her father.