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Kyle is a fictional character in the Child's Play franchise, created by Don Mancini and portrayed by actress Christine Elise McCarthy. She first appeared in John Lafia's Child's Play 2 (1990) and has a cameo appearance in Don Mancini's Cult of Chucky (2017). Kyle is a main character in the Child's Play novels and comic book adaptions.

In film

Kyle first appears in Child's Play 2 (1990). She is first seen smoking a cigarette in her bedroom when Andy Barclay is looking around his new house. Her foster mother, Joanne Simpson, enters her room telling her to put it out, to put her luggage away, and also tells her that she needs to have dinner with the family instead of going to work. Kyle tells her that she will be on her own next year and that she needs the money. In the morning, one of Joanne's antiques is found shattered, and both her and Andy are sent to do the laundry. Kyle is told that she is grounded and cannot go out on a date that night. Kyle sneaks out that night and when she returns home by climbing through Andy's bedroom window, she finds him tied to the bed with a Good Guy doll next to him. When she goes to untie him, Joanne and Phil enter the room and believe that she is in the process of tying him up. Phil Simpson is later murdered in the basement by Chucky, and Andy is sent back to the orphanage. Kyle throws Chucky in the garbage and goes outside on the swing set to smoke. While swinging, she feels something under the dirt and digs it up. She discovers a damaged Good Guy doll, named Tommy. She then goes to look in the garbage can and realizes that Chucky is gone. Now knowing that Chucky is alive, she goes to warn Joanne but finds her corpse tied to a chair. Chucky then attacks Kyle and forces her to drive him to the orphanage. At the orphanage, Chucky escapes with Andy. Kyle follows them to the Play Pals factory. She subdues Chucky, and flees with Andy. After successfully evading Chucky, Andy and Kyle come face to face with him and force an air tube into his mouth, causing him to explode. The two then leave the factory.

Kyle makes a returning cameo appearance in the 2017 film Cult of Chucky, with Christine Elise reprising her role. In the post-credits scene, Kyle arrives at Andy's house to torture his decapitated Chucky head. Chucky instantly recognizes and is shocked at Kyle's arrival, at which point she tells Chucky, pliers in hand, "Andy sent me. We're gonna have some fun."

In literature

Kyle appears in the novelization of Child's Play 2. In 1992, Kyle appeared in the three-issue comic book adaptation of Child's Play 2 released by Innovation Publishing.

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