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Konga, performed by Paul Stockman, is the titular character in the 1961 film Konga.

Konga is a chimpanzee who is experimented on by Dr. Charles Decker. Decker developed a serum that causes Konga to grow to the size of a gorilla and go into a murderous rage.

Decker loses his mind and uses the serum to cause Konga to kill Dean Foster, Professor Tagore, and Bob Kenton. When Decker's assistant and lover Margaret witnesses Decker coming on to Bob Kenton's lover Sandra Banks, she uses a massive amount of the serum on Konga, causing him to grow to an immense size. He quickly kills Margaret and eventually kills Dr. Decker as well.

After killing Decker, Konga is killed by the British Army and converts back to a chimpanzee.


  1. Dean Foster - Strangling by Konga
  2. Professor Tagore - Strangling by Konga
  3. Bob Kenton - Strangling by Konga
  4. Margaret - Thrown onto fire by Konga
  5. Dr. Charles Decker - Thrown by Konga
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