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Kirby Reed

Kirby Reed, played by Hayden Panettiere, is a character in the films Scream 4, Scream 5 (photo only) and Scream 6. She is the teen Final Girl of the new generation introduced in the fourth film.

As a student at Woodsboro High, her best friends are Jill Roberts and Olivia Morris. Her pseudo-love interest is Charlie Walker, who is also an avid fan of horror films. While entertaining friends at a party, she begins to pursue Charlie romantically. Ghostface attacks the party and she retreats into the basement with Sidney Prescott.

Ghostface captures Charlie and forces Kirby to play a game to save his life. When she believes she has won, she unties Charlie, who then stabs her in the stomach and reveals that he is the killer, blaming her because she had not returned his affections sooner, and leaving her for dead.

Kirby has been noted as a fan favorite character, leading to speculation that Panettiere could reprise the role. Kirby's death is not explicitly confirmed in the film; although severely wounded, her eyes are open and she is still moving in her last moments onscreen. Her survival was confirmed in an Easter egg in Scream 5. Her return for Scream 6 was confirmed in May 2022.