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Killer Crabs
Killer Crabs.jpg
Author Guy N. Smith
Publication date January, 1978
Publication Order
Preceded by
Bats Out of Hell
Followed by
Son of the Werewolf

Killer Crabs is a novel written by Guy N. Smith and published in 1978. It it is the second in Smith's "Crabs" series.


Their claws were strong enough to snap a man in half. Their shells were impenetrable, even by a six-inch naval gun. Their eyes glowed with malevolence, and as they tore their victims limb from limb they seemed to grin with sadistic delight. Never before had the world seen such an army. They started with the odd fisherman. Then they tackled bigger boats. Finally they moved on to land, and spread death and terror before them. The occupants of Hayman Island had just one hope: if they could find the crab's spawning ground they might have a chance. There were three weeks before the full moon. After that the crab's numbers would be beyond control, and then they would be truly invincible.