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Kevin Beckman

Kevin Beckman is a receptionist in the office building of the Ghostbusters team in 2016 film Ghostbusters, played by Chris Hemsworth.

He serves as the male counterpart to Janine Melnitz from the first two films, a "fellow in distress" (a damsel in distress role), and an embodiment of the jock stereotyping. In the film, he applies for job in office building where Erin Gilbert and her mates are establishing ghost and supernatural business headquarters. They are skeptical to hire him for being silly and bit dumb, but he gets the job as he is seen as a nice, calm guy. Plus, there are no other applicants and they desperately need his help on carrying heavy equipment due to him being a muscleman.

Erin Gilbert nurses a crush on him, and even Jillian Holtzmann, who is implied to be a lesbian, apparently also attracted to him. Kevin sometimes provides jokes and statements to the team throughout the film. Later, he is inspired to be a fifth Ghostbuster. Kevin becomes possessed by the spirit of Rowan North, who uses him as a host and goes to Mercado Hotel to activate the device to unleash the ghost army in New York City. The Ghostbusters arrive in the building to save him and Rowan discards him but the girls catch him when Kevin falls down to the floor. After repelling Rowan's invasion, Kevin is back in his job as the girls see him as a valuable worker in their business.