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Karl Knave, played by Daniel Kash, is a character in three episodes of the television series Goosebumps.

Karl is the mayor of the miniature town Karlsville. He is minipulative and evil, enjoying watching the chaos and terror he causes on anyone who accidentally finds themselves in his town.

In Chillogy Part 1: Squeal of Furtune, he traps Jessica Walters in the town and offers her a chance to make big money. Knowing she's business savvy, he informs her to not raise prices or abuse the customers. But when she both raises the prices and cuts the product, the townpeople of Karlsville anrily revolt. She turns into a pig and is chased until she manages to make it a phone booth where she is transferred back to the attic of her home.

In Chillogy Part 2: Strike Three... You're Doomed, Matthew Erikson is depressed over his poor performance during a baseball game. Karl pulls him into Karlsville and forces him to play a dangerous game of baseball where the only escape is to win.

In Chillogy Part 3, Matthew's brother Todd thinks he won a sweepstakes; however, Karl made it appear as if he did so he could lure him to Karlsville in order to turn him into a plastic minion like the other Karlsville citizens.

Karlsville is basically destroyed when Matthew and Todd's mother vacuums the room and sucks up parts of it, including Karl. Karl is shown to survive though, as he crawled out of the vacuum.