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Karen Barclay, played by Catherine Hicks, is a character in the film Child's Play.

Karen is Andy's mother. She buys him a Good Guy doll off a man in the alley for his birthday unaware that the one she picked was possessed by a serial killer.

Initially, she refuses to believe that Chucky was alive, but she soon finds out when he comes alive despite not having batteries and tries to kill her. She and Andy manage to stop him with the help of Detective Mike Norris.

In Child's Play 2, she is written out of the story when she was taken away to an insane asylum when no one believes her about the murderous doll. She appears only in the first film and is mentioned in the second, third, and sixth films.

In the sixth film, Karen talks to Andy over the phone which reveals that she is now free from the asylum and plans to cook dinner for Andy's upcoming birthday. It is also strongly hinted that she has married Mike.