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Judith Margaret Myers, played by Sandy Johnson, also known simply as Judy, is a character in the 1978 film Halloween. She is also featured in the 2007 remake. She is also mentioned often in the subsequent sequels.

Judith (November 10, 1947 - October 31, 1963; according to the headstone in John Carpenter's film), is the older sister of Michael Myers, as well as the biological sister of Laurie Strode (in various timelines). She was a victim of sororicide at the age of fifteen (10 days shy of sixteen). In Halloween H20, Keri Tate/Laurie Strode reveals to her boyfriend that her sister Judith was seventeen years old when she died. This was incorrect and most likely written in the script so that it would correlate with Laurie's age when Michael tried to murder her in 1978 and Laurie's son John's age in the present setting of 1998. Her murderer was her brother Michael, aged six.

Judith is only featured briefly in the opening scene. However, in the opening scene, she does imply that she is responsible for babysitting Michael and is notable for being Michael's first murder victim. The opening scene begins with her brother Michael standing outside of the Myers residence and watching her through a window making out with her boyfriend in the family living room. While in the living room, Judith's boyfriend asks if they are alone; Judith replies "Ummm... Michael's around some place". She then turns her head and quickly scans the room. While doing that, her boyfriend picks up Michael's clown mask that was lying around and leans into Judith's face when she turns to face him. This makes Judith laugh and distracts her, causing her to forget all about Michael. Her boyfriend then suggests that they go upstairs to have sex and Judith agrees. Michael watches Judith and her boyfriend trot up the stairs. He then moves to the front of the house and looks up at Judith's bedroom window only to see her light go off. At that time, he walks through the back door and into the kitchen, opens a drawer, and pulls out a large butcher knife. Michael then waits for the boyfriend to leave. Once the boyfriend leaves, he goes upstairs and enters Judith's bedroom where she is seen sitting in front of her vanity, brushing her hair and singing to herself. Michael stands directly behind Judith who notices Michael in her vanity mirror; she turns around and says "Michael!" in an annoyed voice. Michael stabs her repeatedly in the abdomen. She falls off her chair and onto the floor, and dies. Michael leaves her bedroom and walks out the front door. When he is outside, the parents arrive home to find Michael holding a knife and he is sent to Smith's Grove Sanitarium for the crime.

Fifteen years later (1978), after escaping from the Smith's Grove Sanitarium, the adult Michael steals Judith's gravestone and places it behind Annie Brackett's corpse. Also, many of the children from Haddonfield believe that the old Myers House is haunted because Judith died there. Although Judith does not appear in any of the Halloween sequels, her death is repeatedly mentioned by other characters in other installments of the Halloween film series, and her final moments before her murder were reenacted by her niece Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers in order to lure Michael back to his abandoned childhood home

Judith Myers (Hanna R. Hall) has a larger role in Rob Zombie's Halloween. She is still the older sister of Michael and Laurie whose name is Angel Myers. She verbally abuses Michael in several scenes as well as interacts with her boyfriend, Steve Haley, until Michael murders them both on Halloween. However, Michael's idolization of Judith was transferred to his mother, Deborah, in the remake. Also, Judith's boyfriend mistakenly calls Ronnie White her father. Judith replies by saying he is not her father and that her biological father is in Heaven. Unlike in the original film, Judith was not Michael's first murder victim. She died as a result of being stabbed multiple times with a butcher knife and her murder was much bloodier than it was in the original. It involved a chase scene in which a wounded Judith exits her bedroom and walks down the hallway while Michael follows her and further slashes her until she collapses, dying.