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Judge Stephen Wexler, played by Harris Yulin, is a character in the film Ghostbusters II.

Judge Stephen "The Hammer" Wexler is a tough judge who really likes to lay the hammer down on criminals. After Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, and Egon Spengler are brought into court for illegally digging in a city street to access abandoned tunnels under the city, accidentally causing a blackout.

Despite having the evidence of the slime they found, their woeful attorney, former accountant Louis Tully, is outmatched in court.

Wexler delivers a furious tirade which begins to activate the slime. It bubbles and grows until if finally explodes into a pair of ghosts, Nunzio and Tony Scoleri.

The Scoleri Brothers terrorize the courtroom, causing Judge Wexler to join the Ghostbusters under their table. He told them he sent them to prison for murder, explaining their appearance. When he demands they do something about it, they demand he reverse the sentencing first which he agrees to.

Peter, Ray, and Egon destroy a good portion of the courtroom, largely due to being rusty, but manage to catch the ghosts.