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Jude Cunningham

Jude Cunningham, played by Joy Thompson, is a character in the 1980 film Prom Night.

In 1974, 11-year-olds Wendy Richards, Jude, Kelly Lynch and Nick McBride play hide-and-seek in an abandoned convent. When 10-year-old Robin Hammond tries to join them, the group starts teasing her, repeating "Kill! Kill! Kill!", and leading to a scared Robin accidentally falling to her death through a second story window. The children make a pact not to tell anyone what happened and keep the incident a secret and they leave. Just then, the shadow of an unseen person who witnessed Robin's death crosses over her body.

Six years later in 1980, Jude receives an anonymous obscene phone call. Later, Wendy, Jude and Kelly each find their yearbook photos stabbed with a piece of glass.

Jude is asked to the prom by goofy jokester Seymour "Slick" Crane, who she meets by chance, and she accepts. During the prom, Jude and Slick have sex and smoke marijuana in his van parked outside school grounds. They are attacked by the masked killer, who stabs Jude in the throat. Slick struggles with the killer, who jumps from the vehicle before Slick drives off a cliff to his death.