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Judas Tree is a novel written by Simon Clark. It was first published in 1999.


Amelia Thomas heads for the sun-soaked Greek island of Voros to piece her life back together after a failed romance and a mysterious accident which has left her feeling an outsider to the rest of the world.

Voros should be an idyllic, peaceful place. Here there are no roads, no towns, only the Judas tree which grows in astonishing profusion, blossoming each spring into a vivid pink.

But the island is not what it appears. Nor are the people who live there. Something unexpected haunts Voros. A something that Amelia cannot see, but a something which has the power to shape events, to invade lives and to make people to do strange, sometimes frightening things.

That dark power is about to reach out to Amelia and take her on a strange and ghostly journey of self-discovery. A journey where danger lurks. . .