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Ju-on: The Curse 2 (also known as Ju-on 2) is a 2000 Japanese horror film and the second installment in the Japanese Ju-on series. The film was released in Japan on March 25, 2000 and was later released onto video on April 14, 2000.

Much of the sequel is a recap of the first film, nearly 30 minutes of retelling out of 76 minutes. The rest of the movie introduces new information on those events, and new characters, as well as briefly introducing events which would play into the two theatrical films.


Like the first film, Ju-on 2 is split into several vignettes, the first two being taken from the first. Shunsuke Kobayashi, a teacher, visits the Saeki household but finds the young Toshio Saeki alone at home. However, he quickly finds the corpse of Kayako Saeki hidden in the attic and receives a phone call from her husband Takeo Saeki who reveals he has killed Kobayashi's pregnant wife Manami and butchered her unborn child, due to believing Kayako was being unfaithful upon discovering she has an obsessive crush on Kobayashi. Kayako's body rises as an Onryō and kills Kobayashi, before tracking down and killing the rampaging Takeo.

Sometime later, a woman named Kyoko helps her brother Tatsuya, a real estate agent, to examine the Saeki house and put it on the market. However, Kyoko is disturbed by the house and leaves, visiting her nephew Nobuyuki in the apartment once owned by Kobayashi. They witness Takeo murdering Manami and are affected by the Saeki curse. Tatsuya moves them to his parents' house in the countryside, where Kyoko is seemingly possessed and rocks back and forth, whilst Nobuyuki has become a mute. Tatsuya's father believes the Saeki house's curse is responsible, Tatsuya heading off to investigate.

The current residents of the Saeki house, Yoshimi and Hiroshi Kitada, become affected by the curse. Yoshimi murders her husband by walloping him with a frying pan, and then kills Tatsuya when he visits. All of Tatsuya's family save Nobuyuki die from the curse. Around a month later, Nobuyuki is still a mute and is observed by police officers Kamio and Iizuka. Both visit another officer, Yoshikawa, who has been driven mad by his attempted investigation of the deaths surrounding the Saeki house, but he and his wife are killed by Kayako. Kamio is attacked by Kayako at work, shocking Iizuka and another officer who go to check his office. Kamio is killed seconds later by Kayako.

In the final vignette, Nobuyuki is shown at school. He spots Kayako outside the window, and she suddenly opens and crawls in through it. Nobuyuki flees whilst pursued by the surprisingly agile Kayako despite having her ankle broken when she died forcing her to crawl. A second Kayako appears, both ghosts cornering Nobuyuki in a science lab and killing him - the final shots of the film showing there is an army of Kayako replicas outside, reflecting on the curse's never-ending, spreading affects.