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Joshua Scribner started with aspirations of becoming a Marine, then a cop, then a lawyer, then a shrink. He ended up working nights at a gas station, where he waited on an occasional customer, cleaned up the place a little and spent most of the night writing. He published his first novel, Bone Song, in 2003, with Terminus Books. Since then, he’s published several more novels and a hundred or so short stories. After publishing with traditional publishers for the first eight years, Joshua went independent. He makes more money now and enjoys doing pretty much whatever he wants with his work. He used to do book signings around the United States in brick and mortar stores. With the recent success of his books on ereaders like Kindle, Nook, and Iphones, Joshua has given up on road trips and now enjoys life like the hermit he’s come to realize he is.

Joshua is married to Jillian Scribner and has two daughters, Brooke and Jenna. He also has four cats and one dog, all of which make his head swell with snot on a daily basis. Aside from writing, Joshua is a fairly accomplished powerlifter. His wife drags him on vacation about twice a year, and he has fun, sometimes. Aside from this, he likes to read, watch TV, and go for long walks to clear his head of the snot caused by animal dander.