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John Merchant is a character in the film Hellraiser: Bloodline where he is portrayed by Bruce Ramsay.

An architect and descendant of Phillip LeMerchand, John lives with his wife Bobbi Merchant and young son John in New York City. Due to a curse placed upon his family, John has recurring dreams of the demon Angelique, who was summoned when his ancestor Phillip created the Lament Configuration, a puzzle box which can open a gateway to Hell.

Shortly after Angelique appears at a ceremony celebrating the completion of a new building (which resembles the Lament Configuration) designed by him, John's family is kidnapped by the demon and the recently summoned Cenobite Pinhead. Forced into working on a larger portal to Hell by his family's captors, John sabotages the portal and is promptly killed afterward by Pinhead, who decapitates him with a scissor-like chain.

Shortly after John's death, Bobbi and Jack manage to banish both Pinhead and Angelique back to Hell with the Lament Configuration.