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John Doe

John Doe, played by Shon Greenblatt, is a character in the film Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare.

John Doe is the last surviving child in Springwood, Ohio after Freddy Krueger kills the others. When John is attacked by Freddy he is knocked beyond the Springwood limits, he hits his head on a rock and develops amnesia.

Since he is outside the town limits, Freddy cannot follow and kill him. John is picked up by the police and brought to Maggie Burroughs' shelter, where Maggie finds a Springwood newspaper clipping about Freddy's wife's disappearance in his pocket. Brought back to the town to discover his identity, he learns that Freddy had a child (which Doe believes is himself, because he has not been harmed).

After John enters the dream world to try to help the trapped Spencer Lewis, Freddy tells him that his child was a girl and impales him on bed spikes; John transfers the information to Maggie before he dies.