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Jennifer Danzig, played by Katee Sackhoff, is a character in the film Halloween: Resurrection.

Jennifer is excited for the opportunity on the reality show Dangertainment. She aspires to be a network anchor and wants to soak up as much camera time as possible. She signed up her friends Sara Moyer and Rudy Grimes as well.

While exploring the house with Bill Woodlake, she entered Judith Myers' old bedroom. Bill asks her to strip off her clothes under the guise to get more views. She does so all the way down to her bra.

Later she screams in order to prank her friends. They are annoyed with her. As the others begin to think the items in the Myers House are props, Jennifer and Rudy sneak off to smoke marijuana. When Jennifer sees Bill's dead body she screams again. Nobody believes her this time, thinking she, again, is trying to prank them. Even when they witness Michael Myers standing next to her on the landing of the stairs, they assume it's Freddie Harris, considering it was likely him that left all the props around the house. Jennifer screams again and Michael cuts her head off and it tumbles down the stairs, sending her friends scattering throughout the house.