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Name of the father

In the Name of the Father is a novel written by John Zodrow. It was first published in 1980.


He comes from unfathomable realms of darkness.

The boy innocently emerged from a deep cave in northernmost China, clutching a strange stone talisman. Abandoned, a war orphan, he was adopted by the Church, protected by a powerful Prince of the Church and grew to manhood as Peter Stamp.

Earth, air, fire and water are his to command.

He is risen. His powr is darkness. His time has come. He will rule the Earth...

Beautiful, humble, devout, he has the call, the gift. Miraculous fountains spring from the desert at his touch. Demons of air strike down his enemies. Walls of hellfire hide his terrible secret.

He will be priest, bishop, cardinal, pope!

For his is the kingdom, and the power--and the unspeakable terror prophesied to come In the Name of the Father!