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Hospital Massacre (also known as X-Ray, Be My Valentine, Or Else, and Ward 13) is a 1982 American slasher film directed by Boaz Davidson and starring Barbi Benton. Its plot follows a woman who becomes trapped on an empty floor of a hospital, where a murderer posing as a surgeon attempts to kill her.


In 1961, an unpopular boy named Harold leaves a Valentine's Day card at the home of the beauty Susan Jeremy. Susan and her friend David mocks and crumples up the card, prompting an enraged Harold to break into the house and kill David by hanging him from a hatstand.

Nineteen years later, Susan is divorced, has a daughter, and a new boyfriend named Jack. On Valentine's Day, Susan has Jack take her to a hospital to pick up the results of a standard physical exam, which her new health insurance plan has requested. On the way into the building, she is observed from a window by a man in surgical garb. The man strokes a photograph of a young Susan, and sabotages the elevator Susan boards in order to delay her while he kills the doctor who has her paperwork, which the murderer tampers with. A janitor finds the doctor's body, and has his face dunked into a sink full of acid by the killer.

While looking for the doctor, Susan coerces a friendly intern named Harry into getting her results, which Harry notices are abnormal, prompting him to bring them and Susan to Doctor Saxon. The peculiarities of Susan's paperwork (which the murderer further sabotages after killing a pair of laboratory workers) cause Doctors Saxon and Beam to order that she be detained for observation. Harry uncovers evidence suggesting that someone is pulling a "con job" on Susan, but he disappears after promising Susan he will straighten things out. Jack, who had fallen asleep in his car while waiting for Susan, enters the hospital to look for her, and is lured to an empty hospital room by the killer, who beckons him. Behind a curtain, Jack finds the corpse of one of the nurses before the killer decapitates him with an electric orthopedic saw.

The killer places a large box next to Susan's bed, which she opens to find Jack's severed head. Susan flees in terror to get help, eventually being found by Saxon and a nurse, who return her to her room. When she attempts to show them the contents of the box, it contains only a cake. After Susan tells Saxon about Harry's findings, Saxon goes to look over the copies of her paperwork in the archives, where he is murdered with a hatchet, an act witnessed by Susan. Susan's claims of there being a killer on the loose are disbelieved, and she is strapped to a gurney after being deemed delirious. The staff prepare to perform emergency surgery on Susan, but are killed in rapid succession by the murderer, who takes Susan to a vacant operating room. Susan pulls off the killer's mask to reveal he is Harry, who is really Harold. When Susan asks what he wants, Harold responds, "What I've always wanted. Your heart".

Before Harold can cut her open, Susan stabs him, and escapes. Susan is pursued to the roof by the wounded Harold, who she sets on fire, and sends plummeting onto the street below. The next day, Susan is released, and reunites with her daughter and ex-husband outside of the hospital.