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Herman Gleib was a character in the movie The Vampire Bat who was blamed for the murders happening in the town.

Herman Gleib, played by Dwight Frye, is a fictional character in 1933’s The Vampire Bat.

Herman Gleib had a rather unusual and messy look. His hair not in any particular style, unshaven, etc.

Gleib moved rather stiffly and was occasionally hunched over.

Gleib was considered stupid in his time, which now would of possibly been titled as autistic. Gleib could not carry out full sentences, his most famous lines being:

”Herman open windows! Me do, me do!”

”There, now. Soft, nice.”

”You good like Martha. She give me apples. Herman like you!”

He also could only take so much pressure. Once under too much, he would find a way to get out of it, thus leading him to his death.

Gleib also had an extreme obsession with bats. He would grab one and stuff it inside his blazer, offering it to people he likes. He would keep them as pets, his garage being “full of them”.

Overall, Gleib was sweet and rather misunderstood.

Herman Gleib first appears walking into Martha Mueller’s—who has fallen ill— room with a small bouquet of flowers. Dr. Otto had been in the room with another woman and asked for the windows to be open, Gleib volunteers and runs over to open the window. Mueller then asks for her cross, Gleib hurriedly running to get it. The other woman takes it from his hands in which he seems upset by this.

Dr. Otto and the woman start talking about bats, saying how bad they are. Gleib then corrects them, comparing their softness to a cat’s and that they never bite him. This upsets Mueller, the woman then scolds Gleib for even bringing it up.

Dr. Otto eventually leaves for the night, the woman directing Gleib to leave too. He groans at this, but obeys.

Gleib overhears Dr. Otto and Kringen talking bad about bats once again, talking of a vampire, he then corrects them in the same manner as before. Kringen tells him to leave and go to bed, and he does, clearly upset.

Kringen notices that Gleib is up during “all hours of the night”, and comes up with the idea of him being the vampire. Dr. Otto disagrees.

Once Martha Mueller mysteriously dies with two tiny wounds on her neck, Gleib is then believed to be responsible for this all over town.

Gleib sneaks around and uncovers the body of Mueller and lets out a scream and runs away.

After, he sneaks in the bushes and spots a picnic table with a bowl of fruit. A woman had been sitting there. Gleib then makes the noises of a cat to distract her, running around the other side of the bush to steal the fruit. He attempts to slice the fruit open, the woman scolding him for stealing scares him and he accidentally cuts his finger. He is then fascinated by the blood and begins to lick it, the woman stopping him. The woman goes to grab something for his wound, him putting the rest of the fruit in his blazer and begins tearing up a newspaper. The woman comes back and puts some medicine on his wound, him thanking her by offering her a bat he had in his blazer. She faints by the sight and Gleib examines her. A dog then chases him and he runs away.

The rest of the town the chases him with torches into a cave, telling him they were going to bring him back to the village. Due to the fire, he does not trust them and runs further into the cave. Cornered, he notices a pit. Under all this pressure, he then throws himself into the pit, killing him.

Shortly after his death, another murder takes place, proving he was not the vampire he was believed to be.