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Hellraiser: Revelations (also known as Hellraiser IX: Revelations) is a 2011 horror film written by Gary J. Tunnicliffe and directed by Víctor García. It is the ninth film in the Hellraiser film series. It follows the fates of two friends who discover a puzzle box that opens a gateway to a realm inhabited by sadomasochistic monsters known as the Cenobites.

The film was produced in a matter of weeks, due to an obligation on Dimension Films' part to release another Hellraiser film or risk losing the rights to the film series. Due to the quick turnaround time and the rushed production, series star Doug Bradley declined to participate, making this the first entry in the series in which he does not play Pinhead. It was released in a single theater for a crew screening that was ostensibly open to the public, then released to DVD in October 2011.


Steven Craven and Nico Bradley run away from home and travel to Mexico where they film themselves engaging in several days' worth of drunken partying before disappearing. The Mexican authorities return their belongings to their parents, including a video recording made by Steven that documents their final moments and an ornate puzzle box.

A year later, the families of the two missing boys gather for dinner. Tensions rise when Emma, Steven's sister and Nico's girlfriend, expresses frustration with their lack of closure. She demands that her mother reveal the contents of Steven's videotape, which she has been obsessively watching in private. Later, Emma sneaks a look at the tape, which documents Steven and Nico picking up a girl in a bar. A flashback reveals that Nico murdered the girl while having sex in the bar's restroom, and later threatened to implicate Steven in the killing to force him to continue their "vacation" together. Nico later receives the puzzle box from a vagrant, who offers it to Nico as a way to experience a new kind of sensual experience.

Sifting through Steven's effects, Emma finds the puzzle box that she recognizes from the video. When she attempts to manipulate it, Steven suddenly reappears covered in blood. The families try to rush Steven to the hospital but discover they've become stranded, and Steven warns that the "Cenobites" are coming. Emma plays with the puzzle box again, causing intense sexual arousal. Emma attempts to seduce Nico's father, and then has a deeply intimate conversation with Steven in his room, but as Steven caresses her breast Emma has a vision of chains and mutilated bodies. Soon after Nico's father is killed by the same vagrant. Steven then goes downstairs, retrieves a shotgun, and shoots his father before holding the rest of the household at gunpoint.

Another flashback reveals that Nico solved the puzzle box, opening a portal to the realm of the Cenobites: extra-dimensional sadomasochists led by Pinhead. Steven flees, but Nico is taken to the Cenobites' realm to be subjected to extreme torture and mutilation. Later, while having rough sex with a prostitute, Nico is able to communicate with Steven through the puzzle box and convinces him to kill the prostitute to allow him to escape from hell, emerging skinless and emaciated. Steven later kills several more prostitutes so their blood can be used regenerate Nico, but Nico is unable to regrow his skin. When Steven finally balks at helping him, Nico kills Steven and takes his skin. Dying, Steven uses the puzzle box to contact the Cenobites to become one of them to get revenge.

The "Steven" holding the families hostage is revealed to really be Nico wearing Steven's skin, who taunts the families. He reveals that one of the reasons why he and Steven ran away from home was because they were both angry that Steven's father and Nico's mother were secretly having an adulterous affair with each other. He demands that Emma solve the puzzle box for him, intending for the Cenobites to take her in his place, thus assuring his freedom. Emma opens the portal and summons the Cenobites—including Steven— who kill Nico's mother for speaking out of turn. Nico attempts to barter his life for Emma's, and while Pinhead notes that Emma has a dark sexual desire that he admires, he refuses and chooses to reclaim Nico for further experiments.

As Nico is taken away Emma's father shoots and kills Nico in a dying act of revenge. Displeased at having lost a victim, the Cenobites take Emma's mother as a replacement for Nico. Her father apologizes, then dies in Emma's arms. Left alone, Emma reaches for the puzzle box.