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Haunted Houses - Hurwood - 1978

Haunted Houses is a collection of haunted house short stories written by Bernhardt J. Hurwood. It was first published in 1978.


25 tales of haunted buildings


  • The Legend of the Screaming Skulls
  • The Lady in the Closet
  • Silky
  • The Phantom of Jedburgh Castle
  • The Ghosts of the Boleyns
  • The Mystery House of Horror
  • The Phantom Redhead of the Old Parish Jail
  • The Ghost with the Missing Shoe
  • The MacKenzie Ghosts
  • The House of the Lonely Ghosts
  • The Room of the Murderous Phantoms
  • The Invasion of the Fox Spirits
  • Horror by the Sea
  • The Coffin in the Empty Room
  • The Tragic Ghost of Cambridge University
  • The Noisy Ghost of Barbey
  • The House with the Living Ghost
  • The Little Weeping Ghost
  • The Unsolved Mystery
  • The Screaming Skull of Belliscombe House
  • The Ghostly Party
  • The Curse of Mouse Tower
  • The Ghostly Beautician
  • The Cold Dead Hand
  • The Ghost of Powis Castle
  • The Four-Legged Ghosts of Ballechin House
  • A Blood-drinking Ghost
  • The Girl with the Beckoning Eyes