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Twenty years has passed since Laurie Strode escaped her brother's wrath and now it's time for one hell of a family reunion. Laurie has changed her name, her face and her life. Having faked her death in a car crash, she went into hiding with her son, John. Laurie is now Keri Tate and living in the small town of Summer Glen, California. She runs the prestigious Hillcrest Academy, but the headmistress is hiding a secret. She is the sister of dreaded killer Michael Myers.

And it's October 31st again. In Illinois, Marion (Loomis' nurse from the original Halloween) finds that someone has broken into her place and pulls files related to Laurie Strode! Making his way cross country, Myers tracks his sister to Summer Glen. There, Keri/Laurie isn't dealing with the anniversary well. She's an alcoholic. She knows her brother waited 15 years to come after her before and why wouldn't he wait another 20? Meanwhile, Keri's son John, his girlfriend Molly, and their friends Charlie and Sarah decide to throw their own private Halloween party while the rest of the school heads off on a field trip. The only other person on campus is Ronnie, the security guard, unaware that Michael Myers has tracked down his sister and is ready to carve up more than pumpkins. As Laurie discovers that her demon from the past is back, she decides it's now or never. In a bold move, she locks herself into the school, ready for a battle to the death between her and Michael. H20 was a pounding finale that will leave your heart beating as Laurie Strode/Keri Tate takes her revenge in the most ambitious HALLOWEEN film yet. The film also features Jamie Lee Curtis' real mother; Janet Leigh, who portrayed Marion Crane in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho.

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