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Grady Tucker is a character from the R. L. Stine novella The Werewolf of Fever Swamp. Grady is played by Brendan Fletcher in the television adaptation of the book.

When Grady Tucker's family moved to Florida, he and Will Blake were fast friends. Will tried to tell Grady that there was no such thing as werewolves in the swamp, despite dead animals showing up and the hunter who went missing.

One night when Grady was out in the swamp by himself, he was bitten by a large wolf whose facial features resembled Will's. Grady's dog Wolf scared Will away just as Grady was about to pass out. The old hermit who lived in the swamp brought Grady back home and explained to his parents what had happened. When Grady's dad investigated Will's house, he found it in bad shape and abandoned.

Grady discovered that with every full moon, he too, is a werewolf. He and Wolf explore the swamp every full moon.