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Godzilla is a pinball machine designed by Keith Elwin and released by Stern Pinball in September 2021. It is based on the Godzilla film series.


Stern created three versions; Pro, Premium and Limited Edition.

The Limited Edition model is limited to 1,000 units and features a numbered plaque, custom themed backglass, cabinet artwork and art blades as well as a shaker motor and anti-reflection glass.

Stern debuted two new technologies: the “Magna Grab” magnetic newton balls; and the Insider Connected system.

•Magna Grab: Godzilla’s pinball machine includes magnetic elements which can grab the ball in play and release it after a few seconds. These elements allow the player to set up different plays, such as by throwing the ball into the left top flipper. While all editions feature one magnetic grabber on the top left, the Premium and LE versions both offer a custom molded Mechagodzilla sculpture that can also catch and throw balls.

•Insider Connected: This is Stern Pinball’s system that allows users to interact with the machine in various ways, by scanning the QR code on the bottom left of the machine.

Play as the legendary Godzilla. The Xiliens have taken control of the monsters to steal Earth’s resources. It is up to Godzilla to rid the Earth of the Xilien invasion and trash a few cities along the way.