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Glenda Ray, voiced by Billy Boyd and human form played by Kristina Hewitt, is a character in the film Seed of Chucky.

Glenda, Chucky and Tiffany's second child and the twin sister of Glen. She was originally Glen's alter ego for a brief moment, but was reborn as a human.

Unlike Glen, she is violent, sadistic, and cruel. She is even more ruthless than her father, implying she possibly will take on the family business.


  1. Lt. Preston - Unknown, possibly killed Glen Ray/Glenda Ray
  2. Claudia's Father: Stabbed, fell down staircase. (dream)
  3. Claudia's Mother: Broke neck. (dream)
  4. Britney Spears:  Incinerated when her car was ran off-road. Unintentional.
  5. Pete Peters: Knocked into a rack, where acid fell on him. Unintentional.
  6. Joan Thortson - Set on fire by hairspray/candle, fell off second balcony of Jennifer Tilly's house. (by Glenda)