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Nebraska Williams

Gaylord “Nebraska” Williams, played by Trevante Rhodes, is a character in the film The Predator.

Nebraska is a former U.S. Marine officer. He is on the bus with other military psych patients (Baxley, Coyle, Lynch and Nettles) when he meets Quinn McKenna, whom he immediately befriends. He claims that he was put on the bus because he shot a Commanding Officer.

He later reveals that he was talking about himself as he shows a scar on the side of his head. He is the only one who stays by Quinn's side when he chooses to go after the Apex Predator; having to convince the others to come along as well. Later, he takes part in hunting the Apex Predator.

When the Apex Predator tries to make off with Quinn's son, Rory, he, Quinn and Nettles hop onto the ship to stop him. Nettles is killed by the ship's shield while Quinn is trapped underneath. Hanging outside the shield, Nebraska coughs up blood, implying the reason for trying to kill himself was from having lung cancer (he is seen smoking throughout the film). He jumps into the intake of the ship's port engine, sacrificing himself, and successfully brings the ship down.