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Frank Cotton appears in the film Hellraiser where he is portrayed by Sean Chapman as a man and Oliver Smith as an undead being.

The criminal brother of Larry Cotton, Frank, believing he has experienced everything the world has to offer, buys the Lament Configuration puzzle box from a merchant in North Africa and brings it back to his dead mother's home in England. Solving the puzzle box, Frank opens a portal and summons the Cenobites, who take him to their realm for use as a "subject" in their sadomasochistic experiments. Frank manages to escape when his brother Larry cuts his hand and bleeds onto the spot where Frank was taken by the Cenobites. He convinces his sister-in-law, Julia, to murder men for him so that he can consume their blood and internal organs, which progressively regenerates his body and allows them to resume an affair they began on her wedding day. After Frank kills Larry to harvest his skin, Larry's daughter, Kirsty, turns him over to the Cenobites, who tear his body to pieces before taking him back to their realm.

In Hellbound: Hellraiser II, Frank appears before the now institutionalized Kirsty in her room, pretending to be her father and leaving her a message written in his own blood asking for help. When Kirsty enters the Cenobite realm, she finds herself in Frank's personal Hell, a chamber filled with writhing female forms where Frank can never sate his lust. Attempting to rape Kirsty, Frank reverts to his skinless appearance when Kirsty causes him to catch fire. Frank is finally defeated when Julia appears and tears out his heart.

Frank is mentioned in Hellraiser: Hellseeker, which states that he and Larry had both stockpiled large fortunes, of which Kirsty is the sole beneficiary.