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Fangland is a 2007 novel written by John Marks, a former producer for 60 Minutes. It is a reimagined version of Dracula by Bram Stoker, setting in a post-9/11 New York. Like Dracula, Fangland is written in parts as an epistolary novel through e-mails, diary entries and letters. It received a World Fantasy Award nomination.


The story begins with Evangeline Harker, an associate producer of the television news program, The Hour, and the daughter of a rich Texan magnate. Harker is tasked with investigating the notorious Eastern European crime lord Ion Torgu in Romania, to see if there is a story for The Hour there. She reluctantly accepts and travels to Transylvania where she meets Clementine Spence, a fellow American who tries to warn her about things beyond natural comprehension.

After meeting with Torgu, Evangeline is convinced to accompany him to a remote hotel. While Evangeline encounters horrors at the hotel, she goes missing in the eyes of the world. Meanwhile, mysterious tapes are delivered to the offices of The Hours, infecting the entire audio system with a strange noise.