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Evil Toons is a 1992 live-action/adult animated comedy horror B-movie written and directed by Fred Olen Ray. The film is a light spoof of traditional haunted-house films.


A group of teenage girls spend the night in an old house. On the night of their arrival, a strange man arrives at the house, delivering an old book. Once he is gone, the girls examine the book, finding it full of sketches of bizarre monsters.

When an incantation in the book is read, one of the drawing emerges from the book and becomes a living cartoon who takes one of the girls' form after raping her. The monster begins slaying the occupants of the house, including her boyfriend and two of the girls. Megan (the only surviving girl) and Gideon Fisk (the man who delivered the book) burn the book, destroying the monster. The film ends as Gideon leaves, and everyone comes back to life, Megan screams in terror when the neighbor, Mr. Hinchlow, comes by and brings his portable television set so that the group of girls can watch Saturday morning cartoons.