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Eva Watanabe, played by Kelly Hu, is a character in the film Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan.

Eva is a female student of Colleen Van Deusen, first seen with the New York-bound group aboard the SS Lazarus. She is shown to be friends with Tamara Mason, and tries her best to emulate Tamara in small ways. When the pair sneak off to do cocaine, they are chanced upon by fellow student, Rennie Wickham, who declines Tamara's offer of a 'hit'. After almost being caught moments later by chaperone Charles McCulloch, Tamara assumes that Rennie 'narced' on them, and, in revenge, intentionally knocks Rennie overboard.

Disgusted at her friend's actions, Eva makes her excuses and leaves Tamara to her own devices. Later, after Jason's murderous activities endanger the ship, an announcement goes out for all students to gather on the bridge. Eva goes in search of Tamara, only to find her friend's mutilated body in her cabin. Horrified, Eva runs out of the room only to come face-to-face with Jason.

After a brief chase, she finds herself on the ship's dance floor. Realizing that Jason has followed her, and already terrified, the strobe lighting and pounding music only serve to disorient her further as Jason appears to somehow be in several places at once. Suddenly, he appears right in front of her. He grabs her around the neck, hoists her into the air and throttles the life from her.