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Ethel Hubbard is a character in Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning portrayed by Carol Locatell.

Ethel is a foul-mouthed, mean woman who owns the farm near to Pinehurst Youth Development Center. She and her son, Junior, are vehemently opposed to the facility, mainly due to residents Eddie Kelso and Tina McCarthy having sex on her property and because she hates "crazies". She complains to Matt and the sheriff about the facility.

Later, she offers a vagrant named Raymond Joffroy food in exchange for labor. That night, Junior is beaten up by Tommy Jarvis in self-defense as he screams at his mother riding erratically around the farm he is decapitated by a meat cleaver. Ethel hears his bike stop and tells him to come in, getting no response she begins to insult him. Suddenly a meat cleaver smashes through the window striking Ethel right between the eyes, she drops head first into her stew, dead.