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Emily Crenshaw, played by Mary Ellen Trainor, is a character in the film The Monster Squad.

Emily is married to Detective Del Crenshaw and is the mother of Sean and Phoebe Crenshaw. Emily and Del are having marriage troubles due largely to the fact that Del is perpetually busy with his job. Their relationship is near the boiling point when he has to postpone their marriage counseling when strange crimes begin to happen around town when, unbeknownst to either of them, monsters have come to town.

She loves her children, gifting her monster-obsesses son, Sean, a journal she found from Abraham Van Helsing, even though she has little to no interest in monsters herself.

When Sean, Phoebe, and Del manage to stop Count Dracula and the other monsters from taking over the world, Emily is shown hugging them, perhaps showing they will remain a happy family after all.