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Ellie Grimbridge, played by Stacey Nelkin, is a character in the film Halloween III: Season of the Witch.

Ellie is the daughter of Harry Grimbridge, who was murdered by a group of strange men. She confronts Dr. Daniel Challis in a bar regarding the incident. The two pair up and investigate why he was murdered. The investigation takes them to Silver Shamrock Novelties.

While investigating the business, the two tour the factory, where they find Harry's car. When they return to the hotel, Dan attempts to call out of town but is unable and Ellie disappears.

After uncovering Conal Cochran's plan, Dan is able to stop him. He manages to rescue Ellie and drive away. But as he's driving, Ellie is revealed to have been replaced by an android and nearly kills Dan. Dan wrecks the car destroying the Ellie android.