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Eldritch tales 1988 n16

Eldritch Tales No. 16 is a magazine that was first published in February 1988. It was published by Yith Press and edited by Crispin Burnham.


  • Breezin' the Walk by Paul A. Collins and Guy N. Smith
  • Chanson De La Mort by Steve Eng
  • Vine Covered Cottage by Ardath Mayhar
  • Where Races Meet by D. M. Vosk
  • Candlemas Eve by Thomas M. Egan
  • Shapeshifter by Rickey L. Shanklin
  • Doom Bloom by Robert Randolph Medcalf, Jr.
  • Still Life by Denise Dumars
  • Through the Eyes of a Child by Ken Wisman
  • S.S. Dreamship by Frederick J. Mayer
  • Whiskers by David B. Silva
  • The Oldest Enemy by Joan Emory
  • Letter from a Poet by David C. Kopaska-Merkel
  • Sighting at Arkham by Will Johnson
  • Whittler by Elizabeth Massie
  • Lon Chaney's Lament by Gerard F. Keogh, Jr.
  • The Great Moroccan Weed War by Andrew Darlington
  • Dirty Movies by Gary A. Braunbeck
  • The Ghoulmaker by Jerry Eubank
  • Fresh Paint by William C. Rasmussen
  • House for Sale by Roy Lee Fish
  • Some by Fire, Some by Ice by Jonathan F. Lowe
  • Reflected by Marcy Robin
  • The Man Who Would Be Vampire by Scott Edelman
  • Council of the Stone by Ralph Stephen Harding
  • The Mythos by Bentley Little
  • Hell's Angel by Gregory W. Cross
  • A Special Address Concerning Your Mistress by Steven Roy Daugherty
  • "Shadow" a Perspective by Scott E. Green