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Eddie Quist, played by Robert Picardo, is a character in the 1981 film The Howling.

Eddie was a serial killer who was stalking news broadcaster Karen White. After setting up a meeting with him in a sleazy porn theater. He forces her to watch an uncomfortable movie and when she turns to look at him she screams. The police barge in and shoot Eddie.

After the attack, Karen suffered amnesia and was sent to The Colony, a secluded resort, so she could recover. Before long Eddie escapes from the morgue and makes his way to The Colony.

Terri Fisher, Karen's friend comes to help her investigate Quist. While investigating the next morning, Terri is attacked by a werewolf in a cabin, though she escapes after cutting the monster's hand off with an ax. She runs to Wagner's office and places a phone call to Chris, who has been alerted about the Colony's true nature. While on the phone with Chris, Terri looks for files on Eddie Quist. When she finally finds the file in the filing cabinet, she is attacked by Eddie in werewolf form, and is killed when she is bitten on the jugular vein.

Karen is confronted by the resurrected Eddie Quist once again, and Eddie transforms himself into a werewolf in front of her. In response, Karen splashes Eddie in the face with corrosive acid and flees. Later, as Chris Holloran arrives at the Colony, he is confronted by the horribly disfigured Eddie, who is fatally shot by Chris with a silver bullet when he attempts to transform.

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