Eddie McCarlo

Eddie McCarlo.jpg

Edward "Eddie" McCarlo, played by Jeff Bennett, is a character in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan.

Eddie is a fledgling author of campy science fiction stories. He constantly recites them aloud at the surprise party for Michael Rogers, though nobody seems to pay too close attention.

He is used by Melissa Paur to both mock Tina Shepard and to make Nicholas Rogers jealous. When her attempt to make Nicholas jealous doesn't work, she nearly sleeps with Eddie but changes her mind at the last second, telling him she was never interested in him.

Dejected, Eddie goes back down stairs and, since Michael never showed up, starts opening his gifts. He hears someone come up behind him. Thinking it is Tina, he turns around only to be slashed by Jason Voorhees. Nicholas finds his body later and Tina finds his head.

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