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Earl Ford, played by Gene Ross, is a character from Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers.

Earl works as a bartender in Haddonfield, Illinois and becomes angry when he hears on a news station that Michael Myers has returned and that all businesses should close for the night. Earl and other local men form a posse and try to locate Michael so that they can kill him. Though they never find Michael, they do find Jamie Lloyd and Rachel Carruthers and attempt to get them out of Haddonfield.

They meet up with the Illinois State Police en route to Haddonfield, who direct them to a highway patrol substation up the road where they will be safe, they think it's over, but Michael ambushes Earl and the other lynch mob members with him. Michael murders Earl by ripping out his throat, leaving Rachel to try and save herself and Jamie by driving Earl's truck after throwing his corpse from the driver's seat.