Ear Worm: Western Animation

Works and creators with their own pages:

• Disney 

• Warner Bros. • Nicktoons • Cartoon Network (includes [adult swim]) • My Little Pony

• SUPER FIGHTING ROBOT!!! MEGA MAN!! • What's with Andy? Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, what's with Andy? Wha-wha-what's with Andy? (2x) Hi, I'm Andy. (insert lyric related to episode here) • Hoodwinked summed it up in Two Words: "Be Prepared" • The Land Before Time: Big big big big water! It's very big big big big water! ◦ "If We Hold on Together"

• The Pebble and the Penguin: If you're into pain and agony, (agony,) if you love the great indoors, welcome to the Good Ship Misery! The misery's all yours! ◦ Look how we get along together...

• Whoever composed or wrote songs for the Woody Woodpecker cartoons must have had a keen taste in music-a lot of the older ones had a great mix of both instrumental and lyrical songs, from the opening "Crazy" song of Woody's first solo cartoon, Woody Woodpecker (AKA The Cracked Nut) to the song of the short Ski For Two, The Woody Woodpecker Song, and even The Woody Woodpecker Polka. And as for the Barber of Seville short? That belongs in a section all its own. • All Dogs Go to Heaven 2: It feels so good to be bad! ◦ "It's Too Heavenly Here", full stop.

• Pretty much any and all 80's cartoon intros ever. I still have that goddamn Filmations Ghostbusters song in my head. • The theme song for Cyberchase. • The Tick: Dah-DWEE, Dah-Dilliyah-Dwee-dah! • And then the 90s kicked off with a song people can't forget even if they want to: Denver the Last Dinosaur, a show about a dinosaur who'll show you a world you never saw before. From the people who brought you the Voltron and Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs examples above, natch. World Events Productions was notorious for producing songs like this (partially, of course, as a marketing strategy). • Anastasia: In the Dark of the Night, Terror will find her. ◦ "Journey to the Past" and "Once Upon a December". ◦ "It's a rumor""If I can learn to"...oh screw it. Pretty much every song in this thing.

• Spider-Man (1967) "Spider-Man! Spider-Man! Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man!" ◦ That song was so memorable that the music and theme was used for this commercial for Bomberman 64 ◦ Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Radioactive Spider-man ◦ Or their successor: "Spec-TACular Spec-TACular Spider-Man!" ◾ Even Ox thinks it's catchy.

◦ Let's face it; that was the only good bit from the 1960s series. ◦ The Ramones version. ◦ The Simpsons Movie gave us this just-as-catchy variation: "Spider-Pig! Spider-Pig! Does whatever a Spider-Pig does..." ◾ Spider-Pig is so much of an Ear Worm that it gets into your head without even hearing it. The creators decided to Throw It In because they couldn't stop singing it while working on the movie.

• DUUUN...DUN DUN DUN-DUN DUN DUN DUNDEDUNDEDO ◦ Who controls the British crown? Who keeps the metric system down? We do! We do! ◦ The sanitation folks are jolly friendly blokes, courteous and easygoing~ ◦ "We put the spring in Springfield!" ◦ "Lisa it's your birthday!" ◦ "Baby on board, how I adore..." ◾ "Baby on board, something, something, Burt Ward..."

◦ "Who needs the Kwik-E-Mart?" ◦ "Monorail!" ◾ Mono... D'oh!

◦ See my veeest ◦ Nothing beats the hobo life! Stabbin' folks with my hobo knife! ◦ You don't make friends with salad! ◦ Canyonero-oooh! ◦ Everybody in the USA hates their stupid neighbour/He's Flanders and he's really really laaaaaame! ◦ "So long dental plan! Dental plan..." "Lisa needs braces!" "Dental plan!" "Lisa needs braces!" and so on... ◦ "Come gather 'round, children, it's high time you learned 'bout a hero named Homer and a devil named Burns..." ◦ "Is there a chance the track could bend?" "I've sold monorails to Brockway, Ogdenville and North Haverbrook!" "I call the big one Bitey!" ◦ "From now on the baby sleeps in the crib." "Iron helps us play!" "HOO-HOO-HOO HA HA HA!" "Hello Joe!" ◦ "I am so smart, S-M-R-T!" ◦ "Tonight on...'MacGyver'...'MacGyver'...'MacGyver'..." ◦ "Simpson, Homer Simpson, he's the greatest guy in his-tor-eeeeeee. From the, town of Springfield, he's about to hit a chest-nut treeeee. AHH—!"

• The themes from both 1994 and 2006 Fantastic Four cartoons are quite catchy. ◦ "On an outer space adventure...they got hit by cosmic rays..."

• "Scooby-dooby-doo, where are you? We've got some work to do now..." ◦ "IT'S TERRRROOORRRR TIME AGAIN!" from Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island. ◾ Dot. After you hear that song, EVERY time is terror time!

◦ "Scooooooby, a pup named Scooby-Doo! (Scooby-dooby-doo, scooby-doo)" ◦ "What's new, Scooby-Doo, we're comin' after you, you're gonna solve that mystery..." ◦ Scooby-Dooby-Doo! Lookin' for you! Scooby-Dooby-Doo, where are you?

• "Little Lulu, Little Lulu, with freckles on your skin..." • "We are The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything / we just stay at home and lie around/and if you ask us to do anything/we'll just tell you/we don't do anything!" ◦ The bunny, the bunny, oh I love the bunny. I don't love my mom or my dad just the bunny. Parents complained when their kids started singing it... ◦ Just about every Veggie Tales song really. ◦ Everybody's got a water buffalo, yours is fast but mine is slow... ◦ Keep walking, but you won't knock down our wall. Keep walking, but your plans will surely fall. It's plain to see your brains are very small if you think walking will be knocking down our wall. ◦ Oh no, what we gonna do? The king likes Daniel more than me and you. Oh no, what we gonna do? We gotta get him outta here.

• Schoolhouse Rock. If you are only a bill, sitting at conjunction junction, thinking about getting your adverbs from Lolly's, you know what I mean. ◦ "Suffering for Suffrage" and "Mr. Morton". ◦ When you're in the dark and you want to see you need... SEIZURE CAUSING FLAS- I mean, ELECTRICITY E-LEC-TRI-CITY. ◦ Multiply 7 times 1, I got 7 days to get that problem done. ◦ There were six hungry men and they had nine dollars each. They went downtown, and the waiter said "Siddown..." ◦ "Bushel of wheat, and a bushel of rye, who's not ready, holler aye!" "Aye!" "Well, alright, but you better get hid, kid!" ◦ The songs from Money Rock aren't as well known, but "Tyrannosaurus Debt" is damn clever. ◦ "The Preamble". To the point that many people of a certain age are unable to recite it without singing it. ◦ I find it, quite interesting, a noun's a person, place, or thing... ◦ Cause sayin' all those nouns over and over can really wear you down... ◦ "In-ter-jections, show ex-cite-ment, or e-mo-tion; they're generally set apart from a sentence by an exclamation point, or by a comma when the feeling's not as strong!"

• Otherwise known as that "Nah nanananaaah" song from Ferngully, Wilson's Pickett's "Land of a Thousand Dances" is very, very catchy. ◦ "Yo, the name is Batty/The logic is erratic..." ◾ "They used and abused me, battered and bruised me" ◾ "I rock and I ramble, my brain is scrambled..."

◦ "Filthy brown acid rain/Pouring down like egg chow mein..."

• Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Heroes in a half-shell, Turtle Power!) ◦ Turtles count it off!! 1,2,3,4! Turtles! Mutants chain reaction. Turtles! Living underground. Turtles! Ninjitsu action! Turtles! It's a shell of a toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooown!!! ◦ Leonardo's the leader in blue! Does anything it takes to get his ninjas through!

• Up from the depths. 30 stories high! Breathing fire, his head in the sky... • Hercules, people are safe when near him. Hercules, only the evil fear him. Softness in his eyes, Iron in his thighs, Virtue in his heart, Fire in every part, Of the Mighty Hercules! ◦ Hear it here, folks.

• My name is Cleveland Brown! And I am proud to be right back in my hometown, with my new family! • "It seems today, that all you see, is violence in movies and sex on TV..." ◦ "Now that you're stinking rich, we'll gladly be your bitch!" ◦ "Here's the plain situation! There's no negotiation with the fellas at the Freakin' FCC!" ◦ "J-j-j-j-just like the bad guy/from Lethal Weapon 2/I got diplomatic immunity/so Hammer, you can't sue." ◦ "All cartoons are fucking dicks, they get their kicks from being pricks, it's a quirk they just can't fix... because all cartoons are fucking dicks." ◾ And one, two, three, four! And a five, and a six, and a seven! HO!

◦ I'm just a prom night dumpster baby... ◦ You have AIDS. Sorry I wish it was something less serious. ◦ Whatever Brian and Stewie feels like singing. ◦ When Peter and Michael Moore get into a farting contest, the results are... disturbingly catchy. ◦ A vasectomy's a medical procedure, one that makes you half a man (you're half a maaaaaaaaaaan)...remember when you twisted up your garden hose? Well essentially that is the plan (that is the plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan)! ◦ Mister Booze, Mister Booze, Mister B-double O-Z-E, you must refuse... ◦ "You've Got A Lot To See", almost four decades of pop culture in one great song.

• Good morning USA! I got a feeling that it's gonna be a wonderful day! ◦ Ollie North, Ollie North! ◾ And now he's on Fox Neeeeews!

• Hermes Conrad's song about the joys of Bureacracy in Futurama's "How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back". ◦ "When I was four there was a hurricane in Kingston town..." ◦ Pop a Poppler in your mouth... ◦ Super King, Clobberella, and all the rest! ◦ "Go, go, go New Justice Team!" ◾ "Captain Yesterday is fast, also he is from the past, not just fast but from the past, Captain Yesterdaaay!"

◦ The Robo Rooter Jingle ◦ We're whalers on the moon, we carry a harpoon... ◦ "...Trapped forever here in ROBOT HELLLLLLL!!!!!" ◦ The theme song. No words, but... jeez. ◦ Nobody does it like... Molten Boron ◦ Just... any song in Futurama.

• South Park ◦ Does anyone else hate Come Sail Away by Styx as much as Cartman does? ◦ IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII'mmmmmmmmmm sailiiiiiiiiiing awayyyyyyyyyyyyy! Set an open cooourse, for the virrrgin seaaaaa... ◾ Goddammit!!!

◦ "Suck on my Chocolate Salty Balls... stick em in your mouth and suck em!" ◾ "I'm gonna make love to you womannnn, gonna lay you down by the FI-YAH!"

◦ "Blame Canada! Blame Canada! With all their hockey hullabaloo and that bitch Anne Murray too!" ◦ "I'm not your guy, friend." "I'm not your friend, buddy!" "I'm not your buddy, guy!" "Let's give it up, guy." "We want." "More money." ◦ "Friendly faces everywhere, humble folks without temptation..." ◦ "Shut your fucking face, Uncle Fuckaaa!" ◦ I'm getting pretty sick of him calling my mom a—"Weeeeellllllll, Kyle's mom's a bitch, she's a big fat bitch, she's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world..." ◦ Stupid Spoiled Whore, Video Playset! Show the whole world what a slut you are! ◦ "But that's the way it goes; in war, you're shat upon! Though you die, La Résistance lives oooooonnnn!" ◾ The Dark Reprise duet is also pretty damn catchy.

◦ Mrrrrssss. Landers was a health nut, she cooked food in a wok... ◦ "You guys are my best friends. Through thick and thin, we've always been together." ◦ The Imagination song. ◦ "What would Brian Boitano do if he was here right now? He'd make a plan and follow through, that's what Brian Boitano'd do..." ◦ "I will do the German Dance for you, it's fun and gay and tralala..." ◦ All the happy people stop to say hello (get outta my way!), even though the temperature's low... ◦ Lemmiwinks ◦ I'm gonna make, make it right... ◦ All week long, bossman say: "Work, Mexican, Work"... ◦ Jack Jack jackin' it in San Diego. ◦ From "Butterballs": "Let's all join together and make bullying kill itself. Bullying is an ugly thing, and lets shove its face in the dirt and make bullying kill itself." Not to mention, "Jackity jackity jackity jack, smackity smackity smackity smack..." ◦ "Born in New Zealand in '64, a hot-headed actor named Russell Crowe..." ◦ Who's that scootin' on his scooter? Fatty Doo-Doo! ◦ The a capella song in "Cash for Gold". ◦ I am Lorde ya ya ya I am Lorde ya ya ya

• I! AM! IRON! MAN! No, not the Black Sabbath one. This one, the original. ◦ Keith Emerson's first-season theme. ◦ You ain't heard nothing until you've heard the theme to the crappy 1960s cartoon. It even found its way into the movie as the big, brassy background number in the casino, and as Tony's ringtone on Rhodey's phone. ◾ Iron Man Tony Stark makes you feel, he's the cool exec with a heart of steel.

• "Come gather around me, space travelers, surround me... " If you're Canadian, odds are you've already recognized it. ◦ But we're not Canadian. So identify it for the rest of us. ◾ As you wish. ◾ Thanks a lot! I'd almost forgotten Rocket Robin Hood!

• The Underdog theme. ◦ Thought you could get the original out of your head? Good luck getting rid of the 2007 movie version...

• "So you'd better come home quickly, And you'd better hide very soon, Or the bunyip's going to get you, In the bunyip moon." Scary as hell, but still very catchy. • "George, George, George of the Jungle, strong as he can be! AHHHHHH! AHHHHHH! Watch Out for That Tree!!" It's a Trope Namer for a reason. • La da doh, du dee dee da doh - DOO DAHHH, DOO DAHHH... • "Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!! Wubbzy, Wubbzy, wow, wow!" ◦ God HELP you if any songs from that show get stuck in your head.

• "I'm Ziv Zoolander, ZZ for short, you know I fight the corp, I'm The Bots Master" • God help any of you who hear the 1960s animated Captain America theme. If the tune doesn't get you, the rhymes will. "When Captain America throws his mighty SHIEEEELD! All those who chose to oppose his shield must YIEEEELD!

• The Smurfs theme song. La la, la la la la, sing a happy song... • Among many others from the same show: We've got a whole wide world in our yard to explo~re... • "Who is always on the spot? Who is? Yogi Bear!" ◦ "Yogi Bear is smarter than the average bear. Yogi Bear is always in the ranger's hair..."

• "Meet George Jetson!" ◦ You and me / were made to be in love / don't let them tear us apart, you and meeee... ◦ Eep! Ock! Ork! Ah-ah!/Eep! Ock! Ork! Ah-ah!/Eep! Ock! Ork! Ah-ah!/And that means, "I love you!"

• "Come on in, come to the place where fun never ends!" ◦ "Friends are there to help you get started, to give you a push on your way..." ◦ "Oh, we're the ants who ruin your dinner..." ◦ "We are the Buddy Bears, we always get along..."

• "We're the Chipmunks! C-H-I-P-M-U-N-K!" ◦ "Hey don't you know that / we're off to see the world / We're off to find our dreams" ◦ We're the ones on the run/We're the girls, we're the diamond dolls/It's a ravenous world/And the ceiling is very tall/do do do do do do do-ahhhhhhhhhh... Been wriggling in my ear for over two decades now. ◦ Everything's gonna be alright/ don't you be afraid when things go bump in the night ◦ How do you do/ what's up with you / little brother - Mr Hyde ◦ And he's gonna be your hero / he's the best you've ever seen / yeah he's gonna be your hero / there's a heart in that machine

• "The Ant and the Aardvark." • "Let's have a party with Charlie Brown and Snoopy; we can go dancing with Linus and Lucy!" ◦ You want Peanuts ear worms? The Bootstrapped Instrumental Theme Tune, "Linus and Lucy"! ◦ "They Call Him Flash, Flash, Flash, Flash, Flashbeagle!

• "Muppet Babies! We make our dreams come true!" ◦ The closing theme, right down to the Last Note Nightmarenote .

• Inspector Gadget has a pretty damn catchy theme song for a song that only has three words. ◦ The French version actually has a full set of lyrics:

• She-Ra: Princess of Power's theme song, according to some, is even catchier than that of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983). ◦ "For the honor of love! By the power above! We have the power. We have the power, so can you!"

• "Earthworm Jim! Through the soil he did crawl!" • Numerous Transformers songs, including: ◦ The incredibly hair-metal theme tune cover by Lion. "TRANSFORMERRRRRRRS!" ◾ Similarly, Stan Bush's cover.

◦ Beast Wars! ◦ "Dare! Dare to believe you can survive!" ◦ "YOU GOT THE TOUCH! YOU GOT THE POWERRRRR! YEAH!" ◦ "Instruments of Destruction! Tools of foul play!" ◦ "Dare yori tsuyoku naritai! Jibun rashiku aru tame" ◦ "Nothing's gonna stand in our way! Not tonight!" ◾ "Aisuru mono tameni nokosou utsukushii uchuu" ◾ "Kono chikyuu, chikyuu Nerau no wa dareda" ◾ "Kakenuketeku yuushi wa, Kizuna de musubareta seigi sa"

◦ "Saa All I Can Do , And All You Can Do, Habatake Transform!" (The full version can be heard here.) ◦ "Transformers! More than meets the eye! Autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces oooof... the Decepticons!" (Long Animated version here.) ◦ "TILL ALL ARE ONE!" which was recently featured in Transformers: War for Cybertron.

• Skeleton Warriors! • Oh, we think you oughta - no, you really gotta - see the b-b-bright side of the dark side! The actual "moon" visuals might not do much for you, but the sound... ◦ Speaking of Ruby Gloom, Misery's "Train Wreck" song is also a notable example.

• Captain Planet, he's our hero! Gonna take pollution down to zero! ◦ "YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS, CAPTAIN PLANET!!" ◦ Earth! ◦ FIRE! ◦ Wind! ◦ Water! ◦ HEART! ◦ Gooo PLANET!

• "You can run with us, we've got everything you need..." • Way way back in the 1980's, secret government employees dug up famous guys and ladies and made amusing genetic copies... • For ReBoot's opening theme to remain unmentioned is unacceptable. ◦ And the Firewall opening ◦ The Web invaded Mainframe, sprite and virus battled side by side, attempting to reclaim the city from the rift which opened wide... ◾ "But Megabyte betrayed Bob and he threw him deep inside the pit, the pit was closed and Bob was hosed and all that he could say was 'No!'"

◦ Non-musical example: ..for only 99.99.99! ◾ In the same episode, "Wizards, Warriors, and a Word From Our Sponsor", the scene briefly dwells on Mike the TV wandering through a corridor, humming a little ditty to himself out of nowhere. It's... memorable.

• "They made a vow their mother will be found — SONIC UNDERGROUND!" Grr... • Anyone remember this? YO JOE! ◦ And don't forget this! ◦ Then there's the Sigma Six theme.

• Doctor Snuggles. Cracky series. Dreadful intro. STICKS IN YOUR HEEEAAAD. ◦ Just to be REALLY cruel, here's the intro from a feature-length compilation: [1]

• Bamse; no, it won't let go. • Barbapapa; damn the French... • Lucky Luke; proving that the same song can be equally annoying in six languages. • Asterix; oh dear. I just got that one out of my head and now I had to find it again... ◦ Don't forget the original song.("Astérix est là!"), not even being in French stops it to sticking to your mind. ◦ What about this one?

• This one. Mask! • Wunderbar! Das ist Amerika! • Klondike Kat always gets his mouse. • Sonic... he's the fastest thing alive! • The Family Ness • Everyone's out to find the next big clue that's gonna lead 'em to the million dollar prize! • Sharky and George! Crimebusters of the sea! • He's sharp, he's cool, he's nobody's fool • Call me up, I'm your girl, toughest chick in the alien world... • Donkey Kong Country has plenty. Here are just a few of them. • In a world of chaos and disarray, brother and sister save the day... • Pick a song from Corpse Bride. Any song. ◦ Okay, then. "HEYYY! Gimme a listen, you corpses of cheer..." When it comes to composing scores, Danny Elfman is in a league all his own.

• "Making Fiends, making fiends, Vendetta's always making fiends..." ◦ Any song from the animated show. ◾ Like this. Or this. And we can't forget this one.

• I'm too much! ◦ You sure are, boys, you sure are. ◾ Even better when performed by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy!

• Bionic 6 • Why has it taken this long for the X-Men theme song to be mentioned? • This animated theme from an old French wildlife TV show. Not just an Ear Worm... a colony of Ear Worms. • Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?, oh Carmen Sandiego, where on Earth could she be... ◦ Every single song from that show. ◾ Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego, Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego, and Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego. ◾ About Where in the World, it must be said: "DO IT, ROCKAPELLA!"

• "Is this the '50s, or 1999?" • The Wallace & Gromit theme song. • It's Shaun the sheep, it's Shaun the sheep... • The meal song from Scruff. • In the children's video Imaginaria, one skit, "Styro the Dog", is absurdly catchy. Styy~yyro!/Styro the Dog!/He's Styro! • RIIIIIINNNNNNNG RAIDERS! • Say what you want about Hammerman, but at least it had a catchy theme song • The Dreamstone had this: I used to dream myself to somewhere else each night... I dreamed in colour, 'cause I lived in black and white... • Who can forget this one: Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! ThunderCats, ho-o-o! ThunderCats are on the move, ThunderCats are loose! Feel the magic, hear the roar, ThunderCats are loose! Thunder thunder thunder Thundercats! Thunder... ◦ Partly metal, partly real SilverHawks!

• Alias the Jester was a time traveler bold... • Jamie! Jamie! Jamie and the magic torch! • Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders. ◦ Galaxy Rangers. "No Guts No Glory" (opening theme), "Ranger are Forever" (closing credits #2), "Somewhere a Heart", "Fight To the Finish". It was to the point where the fans were begging Kosh for a soundtrack as much as they begged for episodes. Robert Mandell sure knows how to find a good soundtrack.

• Can't stop The Littles 'cause the Littles won't stop. Lord knows I've tried. • Ovide video. • The Marvel Superheroes have arrived! Warning: it will NEVER leave you. ◦ From the Incredible Hulk segments: Doc Bruce Banner, belted by gamma rays, turned into the Hulk.... It's way too upbeat considering the storyline, but damn if the cheesyness of the song doesn't get suck in your head!

• The intro from Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot. • Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds: here. • Around the World with Willy Fog: here. • Around the World in 80 Days:Around the world in Eighty days, Passepartout, so Fogg may marry Belinda Maze, Passepartout, Fogg may fail because of Fix, unless Fogg nixes Fix's tricks, Around the world with Passepartout! • They dream to follow the path of the setting sun that leads to El-dorado and The Mysterious Cities of Gold. • I send my scourge, I send my sword. THUS SAITH THE LORD! ◦ DELIVER US!/Hear our call/DELIVER US!/Lord Of All/Remember us/Here in this burning sand... ◦ By the power of Ra! Mut, Nut, Khnum, Ptah... ◦ You must look at your life... Look at your life through heaven's eyes-LAI LA LAI!

• "Greetings from the Street Boyzz!" • Bum-ba-da-bum! Bum-ba-da-bum! The Godzilla: The Series theme. ◦ SCREEEEOOOOOONK!

• Any song from Jem and the Holograms. "Glamour and glitter, fashion and fame. Jem! Jem is truly outrageous, truly truly truly outrageous" ◦ In particular, I once knew someone who still remembered the theme song twenty years after last seeing the show. Watch at your own risk. ◦ The mini-music videos from each episode are often earworms too, with the added bonus of being impossibly 80's. Of note are The Stingers, relatively minor characters with ditties like Perfect Match.

• Sesame Street will put songs into your head through ink and paint, too: ◦ One two three FOUR FIVE! Six seven eight NINE TEN! Eleven, Twelve! ◦ "Daddy Dear" ◦ "Lower case n, standing on a hill. The wind is very still, for the lower case n." ◦ "We all live in a capital I, in the middle of the desert, in the centre of the sky." ◦ The Madrigal Alphabet

• Life begins after school... that's when we bend all the rules... time to hang with all my friends! • James Bond Jr. chases SCUM... around the world! • dun dun da-da-da-da C.O.P.S. da dun!! • One banana two banana three banana four! Oh god make it stop make it sto- hey wait is that Tigger? • "Super 6! Super 6! They battle criminals and all their evil games!" • I doubt many people remember Here Comes the Grump, but once you hear it, you will remember the theme song. • Heathcliff, Heathcliff, no one should...terrify their neigborhood... ◦ The French one is just as catchy. It even has the same melody ("Isidore le citadin. Dans le ville. Crie victoire..."). By the way, "Isidore" is Heathcliff's French name.

• Beetlejuice theme. • The theme song for The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries is ridiculously catchy. • We're the Wickersham Brothers ◦ Ol' Doc Whovey, he talk through a hose...

• Here they are the Oddball Couple, they're a couple that's a couple of oddballs. Yeah thanks for that James Urbaniak. • "You can run with us! We've got everything you need! Run with us! We are free!" • Blazing Dragons, we will save the day! • Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures • Wild West C.O.W Boys of Moo Mesa • During a game of Truth or Dare, this Trouper got to listen to someone sing the opening "La la la la la" for the Daria theme, and it's still stuck in his head. ◦ Don't forget the musical episode. "MORRRNNNNNINGGGGG IN THE 'BURBS!"

• You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch! • Rickadicka tick tock tick tock tock! RIIIIIIIING ring-a-ding-ding, ring-a-ding-ding! Rick-a-dick-rick, rick-a-dick-dick, ringa-dinga-ding-ding-dooooooooooong! RIM RIM RIM RIM! • WONDER FUN MEAT WORLD, WE MAKE YOUR MEAT JUST RIGHT! Not to mention the theme song of that show... ◦ Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!, defeeeaating anny foooooe!

• Arthur and the Knights of Justice will take evil down, ride through the storm with the knights of the table round, well c'mon c'mon. • Just 'cause I couldn't decide which of these I liked best... here's 10 for the Ear Worminess of 1! ◦ And here's 10 more!

• Inhumanoids! Inhumanoids! The evil that lies within! • The French Widget The World Watcher theme song. • "How ba-ah-ah-ad can I be? I'm just buildin' the economy..." • The theme from Cyber Six. • In a semi-Western Animation, semi-Anime, semi-Film example, the late 1970s animated versions of The Hobbit and The Return of the King had some Notable Original Music that was quite Ear Wormy at times. Notably "In the Valley, Ha! Ha!", "Down, Down To Goblin Town", "Funny Little Things", "Where There's a Whip, There's a Way" and "Towers of the Teeth" (the latter example aided greatly by the instrumentation). Who knew orcs were such good singers? ◦ Don't forget "The Greatest Adventure" ◾ No mention of "Leave Tomorrow till it Comes", "Less Can Be More" or "The Bearer of the Ring, the Wearer of the Ring?" For shame.

◦ Heave-ho! Splash, plump! Rollin' down the hoooooole...

• "It's like a moooovie, it's a B-Movie shoooooow..." ◦ "I can't take this kinda pressure, "I must confess one more dusty road, it would be just a road too long..." ◦ "Time flies by in the City of Light, time stands still in the country..." ◦ "Since you came in uninvited we'd all think you'd be delighted, this is not the time or place to hedge!" ◦ This list counts for all the songs with lyrics in this movie, which are all extremely catchy.

• He has the Mummies! From 1525 B.C. He has the Mummies! Protection for the Pharaoh teen. He has the Mummies! They're hanging by the Western Gate. He has the Mummies! They're going to save the world today. The Egyptian way. They're Mummies Alive! ◦ With the Strength of Ra!

• The Wacky World of Tex Avery had a catchy theme song, despite how bad the show was. • Spartakus And The Sun Beneath The Sea had a few of these. ◦ "Go! Follow Spartakus to reach the sun beneath the sea. We're so near to the universe which has long disappeared. Rainbow dawn on Arkadia - Shining sun beneath the sea" ◾ "Hidden deeply, burning brightly like the Sun Beneath the Sea / Spartakus! Spartakus! Spartakus!"

◦ "We're the Pirates upon the high sea. We can do such incredible deeds..." ◾ Even more earworming in the original french version.

◦ "Oh dance with us, we're singin' a dancin' song..." and the French version.

• "where gonna bop bop bop (hop hop hop) get rubbin at the rubber room." • Creepy Crawlers • "Cro was a smart boy..." • WHEEEEEEEEEEEELED WARRIORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRS !!! ◦ Or in French: "SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUVE L'UUUUUUUUNIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERS !!!" ◦ "Keep on rollin'! Keep on rollin'! There's no turning back, we're going all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyy!"note

• The Robotix theme tune For a lousy GoBots rip-off that only lasted 12 episodes, it's actually pretty good. • "Friends to the End" and "I've Done It All" from the Tom and Jerry Movie. ◦ "I Miss You".

• Almost every episode of The Mr. Men Show has at least one song that you will not be able to get out of your head. • How could we forget the Miser Brothers' songs from The Year Without a Santa Claus? • Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! • "In every wish and dream and happy home..." Yes, I hate me too. ◦ "...y siempre estoy de buen...¡huMOOOOOOOOOR!"

• Bigfoot and the Muscle Machines • 101-Canines on the run, 101-Them doggon dogs are fun! • "He's the greatest, he's fantastic, wherever there is danger he'll be there..." • "Speed of lightning, roar of thunder...Underdog!" • "Iz...Iz...Iznogoud" • Stoked: "The summer's on! And I'll be livin' on the beach! Left my shoes and all my troubles far away!" • And I say, "Hey!" (Hey!) What a wonderful kind of day! If we could learn to work and play! And get along with each other! ◦ Having fun! Isn't hard! WHEN YOU'VE GOT A LIBRARY CARD!!! ◦ Jekyll-Jekyll-HYDE-Jekyll-HYDE-HYDE-Jekyll!!! Jekyll-Jekyll-HYDE-Jekyll-HYYYYYYYDE!!!!! ◦ "Just a little homework tonight!/ Just a little homework tonight!"

• "I Love to Singa...about the moon-a and the June-a and the spring-a... I love to singa... about a sky of blue-a or a tea for two-a, anything-a with-a swing-a to an I-Love-You-a, I-I love-a to, I-I love-a to siiiiiiiiing!" • R-E-C-Y-C-L-E RECYCLE! An Ear Worm and a Green Aesop, all in one. (Rocko's Modern Life) ◦ Speaking of recycling, there was a PSA (and educational short subject) that had one of its own: "Recycle, reduce, reuse. And close the loop..."

• "Who? Ask a lotta- What? Ask a lotta- Where? Ask a lotta- Why? Ask a lotta- Ask it, test it, find a way! Guess with Jess, come on, let's play, what's the question here today?" • The Flintstones! • the Raw Toonage theme. • Look out new world, here we come! ◦ A glorious city was built by the divinities, by Gods who saw fit to bestow the gift of a paradise...

• "Dipping, Bobbing, Diving, Alfred's always thriving, he seldom wears a frown. You'll never keep a good duck down. Dipping, Bobbing, Diving, Alfred's always thriving, he seldom wears a frown. You'll never keep a good duck down." ◦ "Fushigi na koto, shiranai koto, Mitsuketara, bokura no mono! Hajime no ipponote , ashita mo ippo, Nakama nara, yakusoku da yo!"

• "Well you know my name is Simon / And the things I draw come true..." • "Conan, the Adventurer, Conan, warrior without fear/He's more powerful than any man, his legend spread across the land and sea . . ." • Good luck trying to sing along if you don't know French, but the opening theme of Wakfu is EPIC and totally catchy. ◦ Even the characters can't help whistling it within the show.

• Gordon, send us into outer space, 'cause there ain't no one like you in the Melmacian race... • You will never, ever get "Let's Go Band/Blue" out of your head if you were in band and played it over.... and over.... and over... and then had to listen to the Beginning Band play it for two more insufferable years. Its like its traumatized you (kids can and will scream "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" when seeing it on the program). • Three words: Hong Kong Phooey. • For your big fat information, this is our imagination! Any Canadians out there remember this one? ◦ Wow, I haven't thought about that show in ages. And now, there's the tune...* sigh*

• "So have you seen her? She's the greatest..." • He's cool, he's hot, like a frozen sun, he's young and fast, he's the chosen one-MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOOOOOOOOOPPPP! • "What do we care about nice? What do we care about sweet? All that we care about's vice and deceit!" Is it any wonder this Big Lipped Alligator Moment from Tom and Jerry: The Movie has spawned so many Fan Vids of cartoon villains singing it? • "If you belive you must be big in order to be tough, then you should get to know me, I'll teach you all the stuff!" ◦ Really, any song from the specials or any season of the television series will be stuck in your head for eternity and longer!

• The Amazing Chan! That's the Chan Clan! The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan! ◦ "I got the goods on you, I got the goods on you." ◦ "I'm the number-one son of a number-one man, the number-one hope of a family clan..." ◦ "Whodunit, whodunit, who came and stole my heart away?" ◦ "Oh I-I-I-I-I've got my eye on you, yes I do!" ◦ "Mystery woman, you can run away, mystery woman you'll be mine someday..." ◦ "I've just got to knock on wood, things have never been so good..." ◦ "So let's give a hand, for the family clan..."

• Oblongs! Oblongs! Down in the valley where a chemical spill came from the people living up on the hill... ◦ Only to be expected by a theme created by They Might Be Giants

• The animated adaptation of Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars.The introduction is catchy and a piece of Awesome Music. • First you stick a rag, put it in the bag, bump-bump • Boom da Boom, Boom Boom da Boom (House of Mouse) • Gogo, para Presidente! Gogo! • Stomp em in the nuts! Stomp em in the nuts! Stomp Stomp em in the nuts! Stomp em in the nuts! • Honey Halfwitch, bright and sunny, she's as cute as a bunny ◦ Looka me looka me...

• Jimmy Two-Shoes: The second-season opening. YMMV on the first. ◦ Twooo-Shoooes kickin out the bluuuueeees

• Avengers, assemble! Al-ways we will fight as one, til the battle's won, with evil on the run... • ABSOLUTELY BUS-A-LOOEY!! Probobly the most unlikely earworm to EVER leave your head. • Jonny Quest TOS. Don't lie -– every time you heard that big band opening theme, you used your hands to drum along with it on the nearest flat surface. • The 4Kids dub went with an average song, but us Rai English watchers spent years singing WIIIIIIIINX! YOU MAGICAL WINX! AMONG THE STARS YOU ARE WIIIIIINX! A MYSTICAL LIGHT OF FIRE! UNDER THE SIGN OF WINX! • The Ambiguously Gay Duo! The Ambiguously Gay Duo! They are taking on evil come what may! They are fighting all crimes to save the day! They're extremely close in an ambiguous way! They're ambiguously gay! They're ambiguously gay! The Ambiguously Gay Duo!! • I'll never do it on a Christmas tree, a Christmas tree, a Christmas tree. Now what would Santa think of me if i did it on a Christmas tree? • CANYONEROOOOOOOOOOO • Denver the last dinosaur! He's my friend and a whole lot more! • Punky Brewster! Come on it's just a fantasy! ◦ "E...v'ry...time...I...turn around, I see the girl that turns my world around. Standing there..."

• You're standing on my neck! La-la-LA-la-la • "Time is a gift, given to you, given to give you the time you need, the time you need to have the time of your life!" • A little known movie called "The Water Babies", has this little gem: "High, high, high, high, high cockalorum! High cockalorum! Happy to be you're company..." • HEY-O! HEY-O! HEY-O! HEY-O! HEY-O! (There are actual lyrics to it, but this part is the most prominent, although it's only actually sung near the end.) • "Uh-oh! Sylvanians! All your troubles soon will melt away..." • "Felix the Cat. The wonderful, wonderful cat. Whenever he gets in a fix, he reaches into his bag of tricks..." ◦ "Have your fun, as long as I LET you have fun! But don't forget, WHO IS THE BOSS! ◦ "Sly as a fox..."

• "Class of 3000, sing!" ◦ Not just the theme song either, but every freaking song that came out of the show.

• There's a party in my tummy, so yummy, so yummy yummy! • King Kong, you know the name of, King Kong, you know the fame of, King Kong, ten times as big as a man! • Everything's Archie! ◦ "Sugar....Oh, honey, honey..." ◦ "My heart went bang-shang-a-lang, bang-shang-a-lang, bang-shang-a-lang, bang bang..." ◦ "Sing me, sing me, sing me. Sing me, sing me, sing me..."

• "Josie and the Pussycats! Long tails, and ears for hats..." ◦ He told you,! He told you," ◦ "Tick...tock...tick...tock..."

• Jabada, jabada, said jabada. Jabada, jabada, said jabada... ◦ "How did I ever get so lucky, how did I ever get so lucky..." ◦ "Too many cavities, too many cavities..."

• How was This not added yet??? • "They call him Jabber Jabber Jabber Jabber Jabber Jabber Jabberjaw (The most futuristic shark you ever saw! Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk, nyuk...)" ◦ I don't get no respect! And, thanks to this song, neither does your brain!

• "When in Rome, you do what the Romans do, you play like the Romans play together. You're all invited, right this way, you're gonna, meet The Roman Holidays..." • "Bravestarr! Bravestarr!..." • "...from my video, to my radio." • "Casper the Friendly Ghost, the friendliest ghost you know..." • "I'm Popeye the Sailor Man (*toot*), I'm Popeye the Sailor Man (*toot*), I'm strong to the "finach", 'cause I eats me spinach, I'm Popeye the Sailor Man (*toot* *toot*)!" • "...his bank account is as rich as his name. That's rich! Richie Rich!note • The theme to The Mighty Thor cartoon from the 60's. Cross the Rainbow Bridge of Asgaaaaaaard... • If you ever watched the Silver Surfer cartoon you'd remember its theme. • Any song from Happily Ever After Fairy Tales For Every Child. "What's Wrong With This Picture?" comes to mind but it's hard to think of a song that weren't Ear Worm potential. • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer The Movie may not have been critically acclaimed but it has a pretty good soundtrack. ◦ "What about, what about, what about his gleaming nose?" ◦ "Everybody's a somebody in Santa's family tree." ◦ "It's Christmas Town, Christmas Town. We're up here in the North - making toys for you until December 24th"

• "Here's a nice, normal girl in an ordinary world (Show us your fangs! Yay, Mona!)..." • From the Good Vibes episode The D-List, the remix of Mondo saying "They took my bathing suit!" that goes viral. They took my bathing suit!

My pride!

My pride!

I can't feel my legs!

• From the Rainbow Brite movie: "Ev'rybody's got a part to play/To start each day in a beautiful way/Ev'ry morning when the night goes away/Ev'ry morning is a brand new day!"

"Making brand new friends.....brings a shining light to ev'ry face/Shines for all to see/To make the world a brighter place/Rainbow Brite and me..."

• The Nick Jr show Bubble Guppies has quite a few under its belt. For starters there's the theme song, the Outside song and the Color song. There's also the Tree song, Season song, and the Bone song. ◦ Hold your hands up high and make a pizza pie...

• I like to move it, move it! I like to move it, move it! Ya like to - MOVE IT! It may not originally be from Madagascar, but King Julian's version has more-or-less become the theme song for the movie series. ◦ And when you combine that song with Chris Rock's annoying, memetic Afro Circus gag, you get this, which was played over the credits of the third Madagascar film. Good luck getting this one out of your head.

• Space Goofs. Iggy Pop singing the theme pretty much explains it all. • "Once upon a time there was a mom. Her name was Mrs. Pteranodon." • WE ARE LOOKING DOWN ON EVIL SKYSURFER! ◦ First season theme is catchy too.

• Any, and I mean any song in Rock and rule. • Another introduction from Laff-A-Lympics: "This is it, sports fans, participants even!" • Save the world, World of Quest (doo doo doo doo doodoo doo!) MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!!!! • Hey, it's Franklin. Coming over to play... • Seabert the bravest dog of all, Seabert is always at your call! ◦ "Bi bi bi bi bi bi bibifoc! Dans l'Antarctique, t'es l'roi des phoques..."note

• If you can hear "La Seine" from A Monster in Paris and not have it stuck in your head all day, I'd really like to know your secret. • "Thunderella's Song" from Happily Ever After. • Na, na, na, gonna have a good time! HEY, HEY, HEY! • What's gonna work? Teamwork! • Girl stuff, boy stuff, girl stuff, and don't forget the boy stuff! • "I'm Popeye The Sailor Man!" (toot) ◦ "Who's the most remarkable, extraordinary fellow? ◦ "You better lock up your doors today, 'cause Abu Hassan is on his way..." ◦ "I want a clean shaven man..." ◦ "What we all need is brotherly love. You can't go on with brotherly love."

• 200 million years away, in my ship that hides a stowaway, bouncing back in time like a ricochet, over and over... • Iiii'm not afraid of ghosts, I'm not afraid of sharks, I'm not afraid of cancer, I'm just afraid of snakes, they really creep me out, where are their arms and legs? It's not okay! • We're the Hurricanes, our champion spirit is here to stay! • It's Saturday Supercade, gather around, we'll get your video friends together! Yes, Saturdaty Supercade, it's time for fun, and no one else can do it better! • The Fright Song from Monster High. Everyone repeat with us, M-O-N-S-T-E-R, monsters, monsters, yes we are! • Shehicle revs with power supreme, becomes a plane and a submarine, super slap and a sonic scream, Guy's a kid who's livin' the dream! • And the people here dance into the night! Everybody gets dressed up, outta sight! We live in style and we do it right! IN BEVERLY HILLS! ◦ "Rendevous au club BéCéBéGé! C'est la doreé BéCéBéGé! (Pour le chic) Il faut savoir choquer a Beverly Hills!"note

• I am the stone that the builder refused, I am the inspiration, the visual, that made lady sing the blues... • Playing by the rules, is highly overrated! Unstoppable, unstoppable! • In the heart of Transylvaaania/ In the vampire hall of fame-yeah/ There's not a vampire zanier than DUCKULA! • Live the code! The code of the dragon! Fight for right! The might of the dragon! With the mark! The mark of the dragon! • If you've lived Spain (or Argentina and other Latin American countries) in the 1960s, 70s, or 80s, you may or may not remember these songs that were made to remind viewers that it was time to go to bed: ◦ La Famila Telerín: "¡Vamos a la cama, que hay que descansar! ¡Para que mañana podamos madrugar!" ◦ Los Televicentes: "La noche con un sueño salieron a pasear..." ◦ Casimiro: "Fuera calcetínesnote , me pongo el pijama, me cuelgo la ropa, preparo la cama..." ◾ This song was so popular in Spain, it was later covered by a rock band called "La Cabra Mecánica".

◦ Telin, Telen, Telon: "¡Telin, Telin, Telin, forofa de la tele! ¡Telen Telen Telen, forofa él tambien!..."

• So... anybody wanna build a snowman? • The LEGO Movie tells us that "Everything Is AWESOME!!!", and earns the triple exclamation marks. • Time to watch Clone Hiiiiiigh... • "...Je suis une sortcelière / Et le pouvoir et mon choix / Magique à part entière / Tout à la fois / Tara Duncan! / Tara Duncan!note • When there's trouble, you know who to call... • The theme from Filmation's Superman. Pretty much only one word in the lyrics - care to guess what? • The French cartoon Les Shadoks (which had a brief UK run in the early 70s) has a few, notably the Gibis' Theme and the Shadok March. • Astro Farm! Astro Farm! Can't you see we're living on an asteroid in outer space? • Various Hanna-Barbera shows' theme songs, aside from the ones noted above (Yogi, the Flintstones, etc.): ◦ "We've got a gorilla for sale, Magilla Gorilla for sale..." ◦ "The biggest show in town is Huckleberry Hound, for all you guys and gals..." ◦ "Pixie-Dixie-diddily-dum are the best of friends..." ◦ "Wally Gator is a swingin' alligator in the swamp..." ◦ "Yippie-ki-yo-ki-yay, gallopin' all the way, here comes Quick Draw McGraw..." ◦ "Yogi Bear is smarter than the average bear..."

• The theme to the Laurel and Hardy Animated Series. • This is gonna be tough, but I gotta m-m-MOTHER UP! • Big Hero 6: ◦ 🎶 Fred's Angels! 🎶 ◦ This song, which is remade in English. It's already well loved in Japan. ◦ The film's theme song "Immortals", courtesy of Fall Out Boy.

Cause we could be immortals, immortals Just not for long, for long And if we meet forever now, pull the blackout curtains down Just not for long, for long We could be immortals, immortals, immortals, immortals

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