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Dylan nightmare

Dylan Porter, played by Miko Hughes, is a character in the film Wes Craven's New Nightmare.

Dylan, the fictional son of Heather Langenkamp (based on her real-life son, Daniel Atticus Anderson), is fascinated with dinosaurs and loves the Brothers Grimm fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel". He begins having strange dreams and commits involuntary acts relating to his mother's A Nightmare on Elm Street films, although she forbids him to watch them. The acts became more severe and Dylan is brought to the hospital, where doctors believe that his mother is abusing him.

Before his Heather realizes Freddy Krueger is responsible for the attacks, Dylan's only defense against him Rex: his beloved stuffed tyrannosaurus, which comes alive in his dreams to protect him from nightmares and bogeymen. Freddy kills Rex and Dylan's babysitter, Julie McKillop, in dreams. He later abducts Dylan to his own realm, forcing Heather to follow. Dylan and his mother trap Freddy in a furnace, destroying him.