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Dr. Yogami, played by Warner Oland, is a character in the film Werewolf of London.

Dr. Yogami approaches Wilfred Glendon at a party at Glendon's house and tells him he met him on his trip in Tibet while also seeking the ultra rare plant called the mariphasa. Yogami warns Glendon that the bite of a werewolf would cause him to become a werewolf as well, adding that the mariphasa is a temporary antidote for the disease. Glendon does not believe the mysterious Yogami. That is, not until he begins to experience the first pangs of lycanthropy, first when his hand grows fur beneath the rays of his moon lamp (which he is using in an effort to entice the mariphasa to bloom), and later that night during the first full moon.

Dr. Yogami, who is revealed to be a werewolf, sneaks into the lab ahead of his rival and steals the only two blossoms. As the third has not bloomed, Glendon is out of luck. He goes on a murderous rampage as a werewolf.

The third blossom of the mariphasa finally blooms, but much to Glendon's horror, it is stolen by Yogami, who was sneaking into the lab while Glendon's back is turned. Catching Yogami in the act, Glendon finally realizes that Yogami was the werewolf that attacked him in Tibet. After turning into the werewolf yet again and slaying Yogami.