Dr. Paul Rigas

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Dr. Paul Rigas was played by Lionel Atwill in the 1940 film Man Made Monster.

Dr. Rigas takes advantage that bus crash survivor, Dan McCormick, is seemingly immune to electricity. Dr. Rigas, desires to create an army of electrobiologically-driven zombies. He gives McCormick progressively higher doses of electricity until his mind is ruined and left dependent on the addicting electrical charges. This temporarily gives McCormick the touch of death, making him capable of killing anyone he touches by electrocution.

After accidentally killing Dr. John Lawrence, Rigas ensures McCormick's conviction to see what will happen if he is sent to the electric chair. McCormick survives, and with a super charge in his glowing body encased in a protective rubber suit he kills several people, including Rigas, before becoming entangled on a barbed wire fence which tears his rubber suit, causing the electricity to drain out into the wire and McCormick to die.

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