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Dr. Neil Gordon, played by Craig Wasson, is a character in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.

Dr. Neil Gordon is trying to treat the young at Westin Hills Asylum for their refusal to sleep and nightmares. After meeting Nancy Thompson, he begins to believe that their dreams may be more than a group delusion. Neil and Don (Nancy's father) search for Freddy Krueger's remains to lay him to rest; Freddy's bones revive when they are uncovered, attacking Neil and Don and killing Don. After the bones return to their grave, Dr. Gordon regains consciousness and performs last rites for them (apparently defeating Freddy).

In literature, Gordon appears in the 1991 short story collection The Nightmares on Elm Street: Freddy Krueger's Seven Sweetest Dreams. In the story "Le Morte De Freddy", Dr. Andy Curtis of Springwood Mental Health Center is struggling to treat several adolescent patients who are being terrorized by Freddy Krueger. He is encouraged to study the archived files of Westin Hills (which had closed five years prior to the story's events) and Dr. Neil Gordon's research. The death of his patient Gayle Ann Millikin forces Dr. Curtis to visit Gordon at a psychiatric study institute in Gainesville, Florida. However, Dr. Gordon is actually a patient (with certain phone privileges due to his medical background) being treated for a sleep disorder—as he is the only known adult to be terrorized by Krueger. Dr. Gordon recounts the events of Dream Warriors and Krueger's perverse background to Dr. Curtis. In Gainesville, Neil learned via a letter sent from Alice Johnson that Kristen Parker, Roland Kincaid and Joey Crusel were murdered by Krueger, but that Alice herself took care of him. Knowing that Alice was ultimately wrong, Dr. Gordon and Dr. Curtis return to Springwood, Ohio, and embark on a time travel mission to trick Krueger into eliminating his past self.

Neil returned in Nightmares on Elm Street, a canonical six-issue comic book series published by Innovation Comics from 1991–1992. In the series, he joins forces with Nancy Thompson, Jacob Johnson and Alice Johnson to fight Freddy in his nightmare world. Neil appears in the comic series Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: The Nightmare Warriors as the co-founder (with Maggie Burroughs) of a support group for survivors of Freddy and Jason's massacres. After Freddy and Jason launch an attack on Washington, D.C., Gordon and Nancy's spirit use the Necronomicon to cast Freddy into hell. In the comic, he still struggles to recover from Nancy's death.