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Dr. Lawrence Ardmore, played by Jack Colvin, is a character in the film Child's Play.

Dr. Ardmore is a child psychologist who is assigned to Andy Barclay after he is at the scenes of multiple crimes that he blames on his Good Guy Doll named Chucky. After claiming Chucky would kill him if he ever told anyone about him, Dr. Ardmore keeps him for observation for a few days.

When Andy hears Chucky crawling up the stairs, he calls for Dr. Ardmore who tries to reassure him but Andy is inconsolable. Dr. Ardmore leaves to get help and Andy runs out of the room. Dr. Ardmore sends guards after him and searches for him throughout the facility.

Andy sneaks into a surgical ward and Chucky follows him in there. Dr. Ardmore comes into the room and tries to sedate Andy while Andy tries to tell him that Chucky is in the room. Chucky stabs Dr. Ardmore in the leg with a scalpel. When he falls to the ground, Chucky places a electro-shock therapy cap on his head and electrocutes him.