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Dr. Henry Frankenstein, played by Colin Clive, is a character in both Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein.

Dr. Frankenstein and his assistant Fritz piece together a human body using parts of other dead bodies. He relies on Fritz to retrieve a brain; however, he botched it and brought back a corrupt brain instead.

After Dr. Frankenstein breaths life into the dead body, the monster he creates immediately terrorizes the countryside due to no fault of its own. Meanwhile Dr. Frankenstein plans to marry his fiance, Elizabeth Lavenza.

The Monster attacks Frankenstein and carries him to an old mill. The outraged villagers set fire to the mill and Dr. Frankenstein falls, but survives. The Monster is thought to have been killed.

In Bride of Frankenstein, Henry is brought back to Elizabeth. He is unconscious for some time before finally reviving. After Dr. Septimus Pretorius visits, he asks Dr. Frankenstein to assist him in continuing his experimental work. Frankenstein refuses. But when Pretorius orders the Monster to kidnap Elizabeth, he is forced to assist Pretorius in creating a bride for the Monster.

After the Bride is brought to life, she rejects the Monster. The Monster tells Dr. Frankenstein and Elizabeth to leave. They escape as the Monster destroys the lab in an explosion, theoretically killing both himself and the Bride.