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Dr. Franz Edelmann, played by Onslow Stevens, is a character in the film House of Dracula.

Dr. Edelmann is approached by Count Dracula who wants to be cured of his vampirism. Dr. Edelmann claims it can be cured through a series of blood transfusions, which Dracula agrees to. Edelmann uses his own blood for the transfusions.

Lawrence Talbot approaches Dr. Edelmann in order to be cured of his lycanthropy. After watching Talbot turn into a werewolf, Edelmann is convinced the full moon is not the cause of his transformation, but too much pressure on the brain is.

Not only do the transfusions fail to cure Count Dracula, but they seemingly have turned Edelmann into a raving monster. The procedure for Talbot seemingly worked, however. While Edelmann was raging as a monster, Talbot shot him and managed to kill him as Edelmann's castle went up in flames.