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Dr. David Trent, played by Alan Marshall, is a character in the 1959 film House on Haunted Hill.

Dr. Trent is one of five guests invited to the eccentric Frederick Loren's party for his fourth wife, Annabelle. As Annabelle tries to convince everyone that Frederick is crazy and had killed his previous wives, Dr. Trent is the one who actually helps her hatch a plan.

The two of them attempt to drive Nora Manning crazy enough to inadvertently shoot Frederick with the gun he provided for each of them. Nora indeed shoots at Frederick, leading everyone to think he's dead. However, he predicted Annabelle and Dr. Trent's plan all along and waited for Dr. Trent to come to the basement and dispose of his body.

Frederick overpowered him and killed him via the acid vat in the basement.