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Dr Aloysius Wimmer

Dr. Aloysius Wimmer, played by David Cronenberg, is a character in the film Jason X.

Dr. Wimmer arrives at the Crystal Lake Research Facility with several members of the military. He wants to transfer Jason Voorhees to another facility better equipped to experiment on him. Wimmer wants to know what it is about Jason that causes him to heal so quickly.

Rowan LaFontaine storms in demanding to know why they arrived so early. Jason was to by cryogenically frozen first to prepare for transport. He brushes her off, despite being told that transferring him awake would risk lives.

When Wimmer arrives at Jason's cell, they pull the sheet from over his head to discover that he has killed the guard and put him in his place. Jason decimates the other soldiers and kills Wimmer by spearing him from behind with a metal pole.