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Doug Bell

Douglas "Doug" Bell, played by Peter Barton, is a character in the film Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter.

Doug is a very popular guy amongst the gang of friends that stay opposite the Jarvis house. He and his girlfriend Sara Parkington are a devoted couple and Sara has saved herself for him. The night they arrive at the house she tells him she's ready, so they have sex in the shower.

Sara then goes into the bedroom to blow dry her hair, leaving Doug singing in the shower. Jason Voorhees then enters the bathroom, and Doug, seeing only a vague form through the shower's steamed-up door, mistakes him for his friend, Paul Guthrie, before asking if Sara has returned. Jason smashes through the shower door and slams Doug's head against the tiled wall, crushing his skull.

Doug's body is seen a short while later, when Trish Jarvis finds him impaled to the wall through the back of the neck.